World Map
Figure 10: World Map
Project Locations
In the world map, the location of a project is represented by thepano_marker_orange icon. Click the icon to see a small popup with the project name and some other information. You have two possibilities to open that project:
By double-clicking on thepano_marker_orange icon of the project.
By clicking theopen icon inside the project popup.
Depending on the zoom level, nearby project locations might not be displayed separately. These projects are grouped in a cluster. The cluster is visualized as a colored circle . The number of grouped projects is displayed in the circle.
The color of the circles depends on the number of the grouped projects. If more then 10 projects are grouped in a cluster, the circle is orange, otherwise it's green.
By clicking on a cluster, the zoom level is increased so that the individual projects can be selected.
You can drag the map with the mouse to change the position. To change the zoom level of the map, use thezoom-icon icon or the scroll wheel of your mouse.