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Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) support enables users to view an entire project through a compatible VR headset.
Look and move around in 360° panorama and 3D point clouds
Take and save measurements with the VR controllers.
Move quickly to another location using teleporting.
Enter VR mode
When using a VR-enabled browser on PC or smartphone, a VR button will be automatically visible after you switch to panorama or 3D view.
Figure 68: VR-enabled browser
Note: If the VR button is not visible when you enter panorama or 3D view, refer to the Troubleshooting section. Note that the VR button is never visible in the overview map.
Supported VR equipment and browsers
SCENE WebShare Cloud supports the VR equipment below. (Other browsers may also work, but have not been tested and are not officially supported.)
Microsoft Edge
build 15002+
Mozilla Firefox 55+
Google Chrome 66+2
Oculus Browser on Android
Samsung Internet VR
Google Chrome on Android2
Any headset compatible with your smartphone.

1 With the Windows 10 Creators Update or later.

2 VR must be enabled in the browser’s settings. See, Google Chrome Requirements for more information.