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User of a SCENE WebShare Cloud Domain
Without a user account, you are an anonymous visitor who can only see the public projects of a domain and you can only create temporary measurements.
User Account
As a registered user, you can change various settings on the user account page such as the used language. Furthermore, a domain administrator can add you to a domain, which enables you to create annotations, measurements, and orthophotos that are saved permanently.
A domain administrator can grant you additional rights:
Access rights to private projects.
The right to upload projects with SCENE.
Note that having a user account doesn't mean that you own a domain on SCENE WebShare Cloud. Domains are available for sale from FARO.
Create a User Account
You can create a new user account as follows:
1. Click the User icon in the Header Bar.
2. Click the Create Account menu option.
3. Fill out the form seen below. Note the following:

User names may contain only
letters, numbers, periods, commas, dashes and underscores.

Passwords must contain at least 8 characters, of which at least one is a digit, one upper case, and one lower case. Only ASCII characters are accepted.
4. Read the terms of service and accept them by selecting the check-box.
5. Click the Create Account button.
6. You will receive an account validation email. Click the link in this email to verify your account.
Log in
1. Click the User icon in the Header Bar.
2. Click the Login menu option.
3. Fill out the following form:
4. Click the Login button or press the Enter key.
If you have lost your password
1. On the Login page, click I have lost my password.
2. On the Lost Password page, enter your username (email address).
3. Click the Request Password Reset button.
4. You will receive a password reset email with an embedded link. Click this link.
5. A page named Change Password will be shown in your browser. Enter your new password there.
6. Click the Change Password button.
After this, you can log in with the new password.