User Documentation
User Documentation
Welcome to the SCENE WebShare Cloud User documentation! To find the information you’re looking for, use the search field in the tool bar (above), or browse for topics in the table of contents (right).
SCENE WebShare Cloud enables you to share scan projects with partners and customers over the Internet. SCENE WebShare Cloud works in your browser; no other software is needed. Just copy the web address of view you want to share, send that link to someone who has the rights to view the project, and they can see exactly what you see
How to Connect
To establish a connection to a SCENE WebShare Cloud domain, load the address of the SCENE WebShare Cloud in your browser. The Project Overview with the Data Filter Panel shows all Public Projects of that domain will be shown.
Use SCENE WebShare Cloud anywhere
You can use SCENE WebShare Cloud on your workstation, your tablet, or even your smartphone. The view will automatically adapt to the screen size of your device. If you need a full-screen view, click the Minimize Task Panel button on the right side of the Header Bar. The Task Panel will disappear.