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Types of Projects
You can designate a project as public or private in SCENE WebShare Cloud.
Public Projects
Public projects are scan projects that can be seen by anyone who has the link to the project.
For an example, connect to, to view the public projects of that domain.
As long as you are not logged in, you are a guest can only view public projects.
The following operations may be performed on public projects:
Open and examine a Project Overview project.
View the project's Overview Map.
View panoramic images of scans and 3D views of point clouds.
Select scan points and Measure Distances between them.
Private Projects
Private projects can only be accessed by users who have an account for the domain and who are currently logged in. When you are logged in, you can carry out the public project operations, as well as the following additional operations:
Create persistent measurements.
Create annotations to highlight points of interest.
Take Orthophotos of regions of interest.
Edit scans, annotations, measurements, and annotations.
Delete annotations, measurements, and orthophotos.