Show Properties
Every scan, annotation, measurement, or orthophoto has its own property page.
In the Overview Map and Scan View, you can open the property page by clicking on an object or its label, and then selectingShowPropertiesIconShow Properties in the radial menu.
In the Project Content page, you can open the property page by selectingShowPropertiesIcon Show Properties in the object's View column.
Scan properties
Figure 14: Scan properties with the preview of the scan
Global and Local button: Those two buttons are linked with the Position line. Click the Global button to see the global coordinates of the object, or the Local button to see the local coordinates. Scan View and Overview Map button: Click the Panorama View buttonmain to open the Panorama View of this scan. Click the Overview Map buttonoverviewmapto open a close-up view of the Overview Map, with the scan highlighted.
Name: The name of the scan.
Category: The name of the category the object belongs to.
Tags: The names of the tags which were assigned to this object.
Recorded: Date and time when the scan was recorded.
Last modified: Date and time when the scan was recently modified.
Read / Write Access
Figure 15: Read/Write access
The Read Access and Write Access lists gives an overview of the rights the project manager granted to you.