Show Properties
Every scan, annotation, measurement, or orthophoto has its own property page.
In the Overview Map and Scan View, you can open the property page by clicking on an object or its label, and then selectingShowPropertiesIconShow Properties in the radial menu.
In the Project Content page, you can open the property page by selectingShowPropertiesIconShow Properties in the object's View column.
Similarities among the different Property pages
Global, Project, and Local coordinates
Click the Copy button next to the object's position attribute to copy the coordinates to your computer's clipboard.
Open View button
To see the object in a specific view, click the Open View button and select the view in the drop-down menu.
Scan properties
Figure 78: Scan properties, upper part
Annotation properties
Figure 79: Annotation properties, upper part
Measurement properties
Figure 80: Measurement properties, upper part
Orthophoto properties
Figure 81: Orthophoto properties, upper part
Read / Write Access
Figure 82: Read/Write access