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Share the current view of a SCENE WebShare Cloud page
Figure 11: Share or embed SCENE WebShare Cloud page links
All pages can be shared with other users who have access to the project. If a project administrator has configured it, pages can also be shared with anyone who has the page link. Administrators can configure the this under Project Management > Access Control. If a page is shared, no objects (measurements, annotations, etc.) will be visible unless they, too, have been specifically shared. See Share objects for more information.
If links have been shared and the administrator revokes the ability to share links with anyone, all links that have been shared will become invalid. The Select Audience option is not shown if the current page is not related to a project. Note that if page sharing to anyone is configured, any project users can distribute these links.
Share a page link
By default, the page address of the current SCENE WebShare Cloud page is already inserted. To send this page address as a link to someone, click the Send button. A new mail will be opened in your standard mail program
Embed a page link
To embed a SCENE WebShare Cloud page link into a website or blog, expand the Embed section and copy the HTML code. The default displaying size will be 800 x 600 pixels.
If you prefer another size, change the size in the two fields below, then copy the HTML code.