You can share scans, annotations, and measurements, and orthophotos.
Select the task Share from the Task Panel. The task description is displayed and consists of the following three steps:
1. Select Objects: Select one or more objects in the Scan View. You can pick these objects, or drag the cursor over an area to mark several objects.
The marked objects are listed below the selection buttons. Click the button behind the object's name to de-select the object.

Note: If you select an object that is write-protected, a warning appears. If you have Project Manager rights, you can click to edit the object.
2. Select Audience
Only creator
This could be you or another user who created the object.
Everyone with Project Access
This may mean that everyone visiting the website may see the object, or registered users only, or visitors having a share-link for the project.
3. Select Access Level
Read Access: Changes are not possible
Write Access: Changes can be done and shared with others.
Important: If someone changes the share option to “Only Creator” of an object they didn't create, the object won't be accessible anymore. If the user is about to do this on at least one object, a warning will appear in the 2nd task step.
Share scans
Scans can be shared if you have a scan displayed in Scan View and this scan includes scan positions of other scans. You can pick this scans and share them.
Figure 61: Panorama View and the corresponding Share task.
In our example, the selected scan is write-protected by the creator, which means that the scan cannot be shared. The measurement is free to be shared. After selecting the audience and access level, click the OK button, to share the measurement.
If you want to share scans with people who are not configured to have access to the project, see Share the current view of a SCENE WebShare Cloud page.