Administration > Settings—Domain
As a domain administrator, you can change several domain-wide settings. For this, select Settings from the Task Panel, then click Domain.
Welcome Message
The welcome message is displayed in the project overview. You can use Markdown syntax to format the message, add hyperlinks, graphics, and so on.
Figure 120: Welcome Message
Domain Logo
You can upload an image, for example a company logo, that will be shown in the bottom right corner of the Overview Map and the Scan View.
Figure 121: Logo
1. Check Do not show logo if you do not want to have a logo shown at all.
2. To insert a logo, check Show logo, then click the Choose file button and browse for the logo file in your file system. Be sure that the logo file fits the specifications.
3. After clicking OK, a preview of the new logo is shown.
4. Click the - and + buttons beneath the slider to set the opacity. The preview image will be adjusted accordingly.
General Settings
Choose the primary domain owner from the list of users who have administration rights in your domain. This person will receive any emails sent from the SCENE WebShare Cloud team regarding the administration of the domain.
Default Project Settings
Here you can set all new projects to be oriented to north by default. You can also change this for existing projects on a per-project basis. See Orientation (optional) for more information.
Default User Settings
You can adjust the following default user settings which are used as default for not logged-in visitors:
Language: select one of the languages available in SCENE WebShare Cloud.
Length Unit: select between metric, imperial, and US survey length units.
Area Unit: select between metric, imperial, and US survey area units.
Angle Unit: select between degree or gon.
Distance Measurements Appearance: use the segment view by default or the axis view.
Area Measurements Appearance: show the distance labels by default or hide them.
Persist Measurements: select whether the check box for saving a new measurements in the measurement task shall be checked by default.
You can also override the user settings of logged-in users, except for the language.
Note: You can reset the settings in this page to the defaults by clicking . Click OK to save the defaults.