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Select button and Action Bar (3D Mode)
The Select button is found in the lower left corner of the Scan View.
Clicking the Select button opens the Action Bar. In 3D mode the Action Bar looks like this:
Figure 57: Select button and Action Bar
Show / hide button.
Click this button to open a horizontal menu that contains buttons for showing and hiding various kinds of objects.
1a Show / Hide scan icons.
1b Show / Hide measurements.
1c Show / Hide annotations.
1d Show / Hide orthophotos.
Compass: Show / Hide.
Opens a Mini View showing the Overview Map.
Show the details of the current project.
Toggle Gap Filling: If you use gap filling, the viewer will fill gaps between scan points that are physically close to one another. (“Unavailable for the Low and Very low 3D view detail level settings”.)
Set the 3D navigation mode
6a Fly mode
6b Examine Mode
6c Smart Mode