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Select button and Action Bar (Panorama Mode)
The Select button is found in the lower left corner of the Scan View. Clicking the Select button opens the Action Bar.
Figure 51: Select button and Action Bar
Show / hide button.
Click this button to open a horizontal menu that contains buttons for showing and hiding various kinds of objects.
1a Adjust scan icons visibility
1b Adjust measurements visibility
1c Adjust annotations visibility
1d Adjust orthophotos visibility
Compass: Show / Hide
Opens a Mini View showing the Overview Map
Show the Properties Page of the scan shown in the Panorama View
Toggle between the color mode, the intensity mode and the mixture mode for the scan shown in the Panorama View
Increase intensity
Status bar
Increase color
Toggle Color Mode
Color mode: This mode shows the scan with the colors that were photographically recorded during the scan.
Figure 52: Color Mode
In the mixture mode, clicking the Increase color button will step by step increase the color value. Clicking the Increase intensity button will step by step increase the intensity value.
Figure 53: Mixture Mode
Intensity mode: Intensity a is measure of the amount of laser light that was reflected by a surface during scanning.
Figure 54: Intensity Mode
This representation of intensity uses gray scale to show the differences in reflection, with the areas that reflected more shown lighter than areas that reflected less. The amount of light reflected by an object varies considerably depending on the type of material, color, and orientation to the scanner. This mode is often useful when looking at areas of a scan that were too dark to photograph clearly.
Note: The color mode has no affect on Scan Marker Colorization.