Scan View
Change the settings used in the Scan View and the 3D View.
1. Select the task Panorama View from the Task Panel.
2. Edit settings: In the Main Window, the following settings can be changed, and the changes will be listed in the task.
3. Click OK in the task description to save the changed settings.
Panorama View
Figure 84: Panorama image settings
Set the resolution of the scan images which will be shown in the Scan View. To select a resolution, click the corresponding radio button. Note, that a scan image in high resolution will need some time to open.
Color Mode
Select whether the scan images will be opened in color mode or in grayscale mode based on the intensity values of the scan points. If the selected mode is not available for a specific scan, the other one will be used automatically.
The grayscale mode can, for example, be preferable for measurements since the contrast is often much more intense than in colored images.
Combine Color & Intensity:
The combined mode blends the colored and grayscale images against each other.
3D View Detail Level
This setting mainly affects the maximum number of points being rendered.
Figure 85: 3D View settings
The default setting is Automatic. This setting selects a value for the detail level according to the detected device capabilities. The selected value is shown in the list below. If you experience crashes or low frame rates when using the 3D view, you should reduce the detail level.
You can of course also try to increase the detail level if you have the impression that the detail level is too low.
Object Label Icons
Do not display icon: select, if you do not want any icon to be displayed.
Display object category: select, if a colored rhombus for the category should be displayed.
Display object write protection status: select, if write-protected objects shall be marked with a lock symbol.
Movement Speed
With the slider you can define the relation between mouse movements and view changes. If the value is low, small mouse changes cause small view changes.
Figure 86: Visibility settings
Activate the Show check-box to show all objects of that type.
Limit visibility to: type in the distance above which all objects shall be hidden.
Show volume: show the volume box that defines the orthophoto's extend.
Scan Position
Each scan position is marked with anpano_marker2 icon. The distance to your current position in the scene is indicated by the size of the icon. The bigger the size of the icon, the nearer is the position of the scan.
Scan name: show the label with the scan's name below thepano_marker2 icon.
Select Show to make the measurements visible. You can also limit the visibility to measurements that are less than a specific distance from the camera.
Annotations created in the Overview Map are only visible in the Overview Map.
Show Area: show the segments of a polyline annotation instead of just its label.
Visibility: show the compass at the bottom of the Scan View.
Enable WebGL acceleration: When WebGL acceleration is disabled, the 3D View is not available. In the Panorama View, the panorama image is also rendered in lower resolution while the camera is rotating. We recommend to always switch WebGL acceleration on unless you discover serious problems. See, How to fix rendering problems in Scan View for more information.
Note: You can reset the settings in this page to the defaults by clicking . Click OK to save the defaults.