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Scan View
The Scan View shows a 360º view of a scan (Panorama View), or a 3D view of the project in the Main Window.
Opening the Scan View
1. In the Task Panel, select the category Projects, and open the project you’re interested in.
2. In the Overview Map, select a scan by clicking on a scan markerpano_marker2_ac. In the radial menu, you can then select the following buttons:
Panorama View button: Shows the panorama view of the selected scan.
To finish the measurement, continue with the next task steps, then click OK.
3D View button: Shows a To finish the measurement, continue with the next task steps, then click OK. 3D View of the most recently created point cloud and moves the camera to the scan’s location. This button is only available if a point cloud for the project has been created previously.
Note: If you click the Panorama View category of a project without previously opening a scan, a 3D view of the project will be shown if a point cloud exists. Otherwise, a panorama view of the project’s central scan will be shown.
Use the mouse to navigate in the view. For more detailed information see Panorama View and 3D View. Other scan positions are marked with scan markers pano_marker2_ac. The Scan View window is structured as follows:
Figure 47: Structure elements of the SCENE WebShare Cloud window
Task Panel
Task Categories
Lists the tasks that can be performed in each view of the project.
Main Window
Displays scan graphics or settings, depending on what is selected in the Task Panel.
Data Filter Panel
Displays task and category sorting field
Status Bar: Shows scan information, such as the scan’s global position and recording time.
Compass: Shows the compass orientation of the camera.
Select an Alternative Point Cloud
If multiple point clouds are available for the project, the 3D button in the top right corner displays an additional drop-down menu on the right side with options to select an alternative point cloud.
Figure 48: Overview Map with 3D button and additional drop-down menu.
Click the drop-down menu to see the list of available point clouds. Click a point cloud to view it in the 3D View.
Figure 49: Drop-down menu
Scan Positions
All scan positions are displayed with anpano_marker2_ac icon. Below each icon, a label with the scan's name is shown. Since the width of the label is limited, longer names get truncated.
Clicking on the icon displays the radial menu
with a preview of the scan.
the Open Overview Map overviewmapbutton
the Open Panorama View buttonmain
the Open To finish the measurement, continue with the next task steps, then click OK. button, if a point cloud exists
the Show Properties button showproperties
To ensure that the compass orientation is correct, the scan must be aligned correctly in SCENE before uploading the project to SCENE WebShare Cloud. The Y-axis is assumed to be “North” in the scan.
In the Panorama View settings page, you can set whether the compass should be displayed.The compass can also be toggled on/off in the Scan View's Select button and Action Bar (Panorama Mode) In the My Account—Edit Settings page, you can set the angle unit to be used.
Tasks in the Scan View
If you are logged in, the following tasks are available in the Scan View:
Measure Distance: Create a point-to-point measurement.
Annotate: Create a new annotation to mark a point of interest.
Edit: Edit the properties of the selected objects.
Edit Category: Edit, add, or delete categories.
Edit Tags: Edit, add, or delete tags.
Share: Share objects with other users.
Delete: Delete objects.
Scan View Settings
In the Scan View settings page, you can adjust the behavior and appearance of the Scan View. For example, you can alter the image size of the displayed panorama images.