SCENE 2go (related product)
SCENE 2go (related product)
FARO is pleased to announce the release of SCENE 2go, the successor of SCENE WebShare 2Go 2.0.
SCENE 2go is a secure, non-Internet based project sharing solution for SCENE software users. Just like in the old WebShare 2Go, users can simply save scan projects on a USB drive or any other external storage medium and view it on Windows® or macOS® computers without the need of an INTERNET connection. It comes in form of a SCENE app and an associated viewer for the transferred project data.
Compared to WebShare 2Go, the following new features have been added:
The viewer is no longer based on the Chromium browser and now has the look & feel of a standard desktop application.
All files linked in annotations (documentation objects) in the SCENE project can now be transferred automatically.
There is now an offline world map that is shown when no Internet connection is available.
The axis viewing mode of measurements now also shows the angles between the adjacent measurement segments.
There is now a button in the SCENE app to directly open the transferred project in the SCENE 2go viewer.
The app requires a valid SCENE software license and SCENE version 7.1 or greater. Free Download and Quick Start Guide are available in the FARO 3D App Center. Other information can be found in the FARO Knowledge Base
(SCENE WebShare 2Go will no longer be supported and receive software updates. It is still available in the 3D App Center for users of SCENE Version 7.0 or below.)