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Replacing an existing point cloud
The first and second workflow sections explained how to add a point cloud to either an existing WebShare Cloud upload or into an empty project. It is possible to repeat these steps even if there is already a point cloud for 3D visualization available. You can use this to:
Add an additional point cloud or an updated version of the point cloud.
Replace an existing point cloud.
Add an additional point cloud or an updated version of the point cloud
If a project already has a point cloud for 3D viewing, you can still repeat the steps to import new point data or use existing point data to create new point clouds. Use this to survey a project site over time or create point clouds of different sections of a large project site. (You could e.g., create a separate point cloud for each floor or for each building.) Use different color modes to have a color image point cloud and a reflection value point cloud at the same time.
As soon as there are multiple point clouds available, the 3D button will become a split button providing all the point clouds as options. By default, the latest one (newest creation date) will be opened but you can switch to older ones easily.
Screenshot split button
Screenshot dropdown menu
4. Replace existing point cloud
To replace an existing point cloud with an updated version, create the new one first and remove the old one afterwards. Open the workbench of the project to edit and use the Delete Objects task in Processing.
Screenshot project selector
Screenshot delete object
If you do not need the original point data, you can delete the imported CPE file as well. A warning appears if you try to delete data that is still in use.