Administration > Workbench > Publish: Publish Projects
Publish: Publish Projects
This option is available under Projects > Publish in the Task Panel of the project Workbench. See Workbench for more details.
The Project Manager can publish a project when a project contains viewable content such as a finished point cloud.
Unpublished projects are only visible to Project Managers.
The task Publish Projects is only visible for projects created with the Create Project task that have not been published yet.
When you upload a project from SCENE, it is automatically published.
1. Select Publish Projects under publish menu in the Task Panel.
Figure 107: Select Publish Project
2. Select the Publish Project check box and click OK.
Figure 108: Publish Project
The project will now be visible to all users with the required access rights. The access settings can be established in the Access Control page.