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Publish: Edit Details
The Edit Details option is available under Project > Publish in the Task Panel of the project Workbench. See Workbench for more details.
You can edit details of a project before publishing it. Change the meta data of a project.
1. Select Edit Details from the Publish task in the Task Panel. The description of the task is displayed and consists of the following options:

Figure 105: Publish: Edit Details
Edit Project Name (optional)
Change the project name.
Feature Project (optional)
Activate the check box to feature the project. After this, the project will appear in the Featured Box. Uncheck to remove the project from the Featured Box.
Edit Project Description (optional)
Change the description of the project.
Edit Project Location (optional)
Enter the geographic coordinates of the project location in the fields Latitude and Longitude. According to the settings, the project will be shown in the World Map. This option is also available in the Create Project page.
Set Preview Image (optional)
Set an image that will be shown in the Project Overview, replacing the image chosen in SCENE in the SCENE WebShare Cloud Export or Upload dialog. This option is also available in the Create Project page.
Orientation (optional)
Projects set as geo-oriented are displayed with a compass that shows cardinal directions in the Scan View. Other projects are shown with X-Y coordinates. With this setting you can change the X-Y compass to a compass that shows the cardinal points. In this case, north corresponds to the Y-axis.
Set Coordinate System (optional)
You can use this option to set a custom coordinate system that is used for the project instead of global coordinates. This is for example useful if there is a large workspace translation which should be subtracted from the coordinates shown in SCENE WebShare Cloud.
To enable this feature, click the check box Use custom coordinate system.
You can optionally give the custom coordinate system a Name.
You can set the translation in X, Y, and Z directions. If the displayed X coordinate for your preferred project origin was 100 m, you must enter 100 m so that the new displayed coordinate is 0 m.
You can set the rotation around the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. Note that values other than 0 for the rotation around the X and Y axes may be confusing to the user.
The Default button fills the values with those from the workspace transformation (as seen in SCENE's property page of the Workspace root object). Think about if you actually want to rotate the coordinate system or if it makes more sense to set the rotation values to 0 afterwards.
Note: Users can override the custom coordinate system in their account settings to always use global coordinates.
2. Click OK to save the settings.