Administration > Workbench > Publish: Configure Overview Map
Publish: Configure Overview Map
The Configure Overview Map option is available under Project > Publish in the Task Panel of the project Workbench. See Workbench for more details.
The Project Manager can change the names, the opacity values and the order of all the project map layers that are exported to SCENE WebShare Cloud from SCENE 6.1 or later.
Figure 106: Administrator Map Layers Edit Settings
To open the Map Layers page:
1. Click Publish and select Configure Overview Map.
2. Select a project exported with SCENE 6.1 project or later.
3. Click Edit Settings.
Note: The map layers of the project must have unique names.
The following actions can be performed on the Maps:
The map layers are ordered in the Configuration Page from top to bottom. This corresponds to their order in the Overview Map.
The order of the map layers can be changed with the Up, Down buttons or by dragging a map layer to the required position.
The opacity of the map can be set to any value between 0% and 100%
The icon with the name input field displays the type of the map layer (Scan Point Layer or Layout Plan Layer).