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Project Management
This Task Category is only available when you are logged in as a user with the role Project Manager.
With the tasks of this category, the Project Manager manages the projects uploaded to a domain. That way, the Project Manager may control the access to each project, and delete projects from the domain.
Figure 94: Project Management Overview
1. When selecting the Task Category Project Management in the Main Window, all projects are listed.
2. Select the project that you wish to administer. Use the Find Project... field to search for a project.
Feature Project: A Feature Project will be shown in the slide show on the Project Overview page. You can set this function in Edit Details.
Upload Status:
The icon states that this project is uploaded completely.
The Icon states that the project is not yet published.
3D Data: Shows, if 3D data is available, or, if 3D data is generated at the moment.
Creation Date: Displays the date when project was created.
Storage used: currently used storage. New projects will be shown with a question mark (?) until their storage has been calculated.
Tasks of the Project Management
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