Project List
You can change the way the Project List is displayed by clicking on the following buttons in the top right corner of the Project Overview:
listDisplays the Project List as a list.
Figure 8: Project list, displayed in the list view
thumbnailsDisplays the Project List as thumbnails.
Figure 9: Project list, displayed in the thumbnail view
Project Information
Each project is represented as a row in table or a thumbnail. For each project, you can find the following information:
Preview image
Project name
Project state (only visible to project managers)
Indication of whether the project contains a 3D view
Number of scans
Upload date or creation date of projects created inside SCENE WebShare Cloud
Latitude and longitude of the project's location (list view only)
Action buttons:
detailsOpen project details
mapLocationShow project location on world map (thumbnail view only)
Open project workbench (only visible to project managers)
openOpen project
From the Project List you can open the project by clicking on theopenbutton. One of the following pages is then shown:
The Overview Map, if an overview map exists.
The 3D View, if a point cloud is available.
The Project Content page.
By clicking on thedetailsbutton the complete project information will be displayed. This includes the full project description, the number of scans, etc.
Click themapLocationbutton to show the project's location in the World Map.