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Project Content
The Project Content page offers an overview on the scans, annotations, measurements, and orthophotos of a scan project. To keep things clear even in large projects, several sorting and filtering methods are available:
Figure 74: Project Content with scan list
If an object belongs to a category, the category is shown.
If an object has tags, the tags are shown as well.
For scans and orthophotos, a preview image is displayed.
If an orthophoto is still in process, a placeholder is shown. You may click the browser's Refresh buttonto check if the process has been completed in the meantime.
Clicking on a scan's preview image will show a bigger preview.
Figure 75: Scan preview and selection possibilities
Use theScroll to the previous project button and theScroll to the next project button to switch to the next or previous scan. In the footer, the following options are available:
Show the scan in the Scan Viewmain.
Show the scan in the 3D View.
Show the scan in the Overview Mapoverviewmap
Open the Properties Pageshowpropertiesof the scan.
Click the Color mode buttonto toggle between color and intensity view.
Click the Close buttonCloseto close the preview.
Sorting and filtering

The search does not affect invisible columns. Thus it is possible to hide the tags column to ignore this column during search.
Sort By Name: Click the button to open a selection which shows the sortable column headers. Click the small arrow icon to sort in ascending or descending order.
Enter a search term to find a specific object.
Browse through the pages.
Reset button: Clear the search input field.
Configure table: Click the button to open a selection which shows the available listing possibilities.
Table header: Clicking one of the headers will sort the column's content in ascending or descending order.
The search complies to the currently active data filters. If only objects of category ABC are shown (see Data Filter Panel), it is not possible to find objects of category XYZ.
Open Views and Show Properties
Click the arrow next to theOpen Panorama Viewbutton to open a drop-down menu with the following menu entries. It depends on the object type which exactly are available.
Show the object in the Scan Viewmain
Show the object in the 3D View
Show the object in the Overview Mapoverviewmap.
Open the Properties Pageshowpropertiesof the object
Hot Flag
The Hot Flag icon helps to find updated content quickly when working with SCENE WebShare Cloud on a regular basis. An object gets the Hot Flag icon if:
The object was created or updated by the user during the current session. The current session started when you opened the browser or tab and navigated to SCENE WebShare Cloud.
The object was created or updated by other users since the user left SCENE WebShare Cloud the last time.
The flagging of objects works per browser and not per user. In other words, it shows object changes that have not been seen in this particular browser.
Refreshing the browser page resets all flags.
Figure 76: Project Content with annotation list and an annotation with a hot flag