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Processing: Create 3D Data
The project manager can decide whether a scan project shall be visible in 3D mode.To enable the 3D view, a point cloud must be created for the scan project. The color mode of the point cloud can also be set.
3D View pricing
The data for the 3D View adds to your storage volume. Storage volume exceeding your monthly package limits will cost a small fee per Gigabyte. To reduce your storage volume, you can delete unused 3D data for some projects.
Steps to create 3D data
1. Select Processing in the project Workbench task panel.
2. Click Create 3D Data.
3. Click Select Sources.
4. In the list on the left, select scans or CPE files or both in the list contained in the project Workbench.
Note: Only CPE files which are completely uploaded can be selected.
5. Initially, a point cloud name is auto-generated that contains some information about the used scans and CPE files. You can enter a name for the point cloud in the Enter Name field.
6. Click Set Color Mode. Select the colorization mode for the point clouds. If the selected mode is not available for particular scans, the available mode will be used instead.
Click OK to start the point cloud conversion. During the conversion, the Job Queue button is shown. Click it to see the status of the conversion.