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Panorama View
When using the Panorama View, you can change the angle from which you look at the scan (up, down, right, left). In the 3D View you can change not only the angle, but also the position from which you view the scan. You can navigate using the mouse, the keyboard or a combination of the two. See the table below for a list of actions. Note that not all actions are available in the Panorama View.
On a touch-screen device you can also use the virtual joystick to move forward and backward.
The virtual joystick is activated with a long press anywhere in the Main Window as long as there is enough distance to the window borders. This means you can use the virtual joystick with your left or right hand.
Note that in the Panorama View the scan rotates in the direction of mouse movement, while in the 3D View the scan rotates in the opposite direction.
Touch Screen
Virtual Joystick
left MB + drag
swipe with one finger
swipe with other (non-joystick) finger
Pan camera in opposite direction
middle MB + drag
swipe with two fingers
Move forward
right MB + drag up
hold and move finger upwards
W or arrow-up
Move backward
right MB + drag down
hold and move finger downwards
S or arrow-down
Zoom in
mouse-wheel up
two-finger spread
+ (numeric keypad)
Zoom out
mouse-wheel down
two-finger pinch
- (numeric keypad)
Fly to point
double-click the scan point
double-tap the scan point
Focus object/Fly to scan origin
double-click the object
double-tap the object
Look up
Look down
Look left
Look right
Move left
A or arrow-left
Move right
D or arrow-right
Move up
R or page-up
Move down
F or page-down
Faster movement
hold SHIFT while using one of the keyboard commands
Changing the Viewing direction
To change the viewing direction with a mouse, position the mouse pointer inside the Main Window. Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse.
When you drag the mouse to the left (right), the viewing direction turns to the right (left) as if you were standing at the scanner position and turned to the right (left).
When you drag the mouse upwards (downwards), the viewing direction turns downwards (upwards) as if you were standing at the scanner position and turned downwards (upwards). The vertical turning of the view is restricted to 180º.
To change the viewing direction with a touch screen, hold down one finger inside the Main Window and then move it around as described above for the mouse pointer.