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Overview Map
Change the settings used in the Overview Map.
1. Select the task Overview Map in the Settings category from the Task Panel.
2. Edit settings: In the Main Window, the following settings can be changed, and the changes will be listed in the task.
3. Click OK in the task description to save the changed settings.
Scan Colorization
Figure 87: Scan Colorization setting and Object Label Icons setting
Choose if scan points should be colorized by elevation or recording time.
Note: The sub settings Average/Minimum/Maximum/Individual only apply when moving the mouse over a scan cluster. On tablets, they have no effect at all.
Average: The scan points of all scans within the cluster are colorized by their average elevation or recording time. All scans get the same color.
Minimum, Maximum: The minimum or maximum elevation or recording time determines the color.
Individual: The points of each scan are colorized individually, depending on the scan's elevation or recording time.
Object Label Icons
Do not display icon: select if you do not want any icon to be displayed.
Display object category: select, if a colored rhombus for the category should be displayed.
Display object write-protection status: select, if write-protected objects shall be marked with a lock symbol.
Figure 88: Visibility settings
Activate the Show check-box to show all objects of that type.
Scan View Camera
Show the current position of the camera in the Scan View. The camera's angle of view is visualized with a blue triangle.
Show volume: show the volume box that defines the orthophoto's extend.
Select Show to make any measurements in the Overview Map visible.
Annotations created in the Overview Map are visible only in the Overview Map.
Show Area: show the segments of an area annotation instead of just its label.
Scan Position
The marker of the scan which is currently opened in the Panorama View is always shown.
Scan name: show the label with the scan's name below the scan position icon.
Note: You can reset the settings in this page to the defaults by clicking . Click OK to save the defaults.