Orthophoto Properties
Figure 20: Orthophoto properties, upper part
Global and Local button: Click the Global button to see the global coordinates of the object.
For orthophotos, the “Local” coordinate button is not active, since for orthophotos, “local” would not mean local to a scan, but local to the Workspace folder.
Note: The “Local” coordinate button is disabled if local and global coordinate systems are the same.
Scale: the scale shows metric and imperial units. The units are chosen adaptively, for example, mm for very small orthophotos, km for very large ones.
Scale's legend: the scale's legend shows the resolution in px/m and pm/ft, and the size in m and ft. The values of resolution and size are those of the image shown on the properties page, not the ones of the full-resolution image.
Below the size, the project's name is shown.
Name: The name of the scan
Category: The name of the category the object belongs to.
Tags: The names of the tags which were assigned to this object.
Max. Width: shows the orthophoto's maximal width in pixels and in meters.
Max. Height: shows the orthophoto's maximal height in pixels and in meters.
Max. Resolution: shows the maximal resolution in pixels per meter.
Note: Max. Width, Max. Height, Max. Resolution always show the values of the full-resolution image.
Read / Write Access
Figure 21: Read/Write access The Read Access and Write Access lists gives an overview on the rights the project manager granted to you.