Oculus Go
Oculus Go is an all-in-one, truly standalone virtual reality headset. It does not require a phone or PC.
The Oculus Go comes with one Bluetooth controller with a touchpad and two buttons (trigger button on the front and a touchpad-click). To use it with SCENE Cloud WebShare VR make sure it's set as a right-handed controller in Oculus settings.
Figure 73: Oculus Go controller
Navigation (Panorama, 3D View)
The touchpad (1) has two actions:
Joystick action which is activated just by touching different regions of the touchpad. It is used only in 3D view to move around, e.g., if you touch the top edge of the touchpad camera will start moving to the front fast, but if you put the finger between the center of the touchpad and the edge you will move half of the speed, etc.
Button action; press the touchpad in the middle and you will feel the “click”. Press the button two times fast while pointing at arbitrary scan location in panorama or 3D view to teleport to that location.
Measuring (Panorama, 3D View)
Trigger button (2) has one action. Use this button to create measurements in panorama and 3D view. Follow these steps:
1. Use your head and VR controller to navigate a virtual pointer to the part of the project where you want to create measurements.
2. Press the measurement button (2) to start measurement task from that point.
3. Move virtual pointer to another location.
4. Press the measurement button (2) to select endpoint and to finish measuring task.
Measurement line and a text with a calculated distance between two selected points are shown
Create Annotations (Panorama, 3D View)
Point at an arbitrary location in panorama or 3D View and long-press the touchpad (1) in the middle for about 1 second, an annotation with the title VR Annotation will be created. After you exit VR mode and go back to virtual Oculus browser, SCENE WebShare Cloud will show an edit task for VR annotations you created where you can edit title, description or other annotation properties.
Note: You must be logged in to your account to create annotations.
Switch between view modes (Panorama, 3D View)
Because the controller is limited to only two buttons, use Oculus' navigation keys on the controller (Back and Home) to exit VR and change between Panorama and 3D View modes on the virtual browser, then enable VR again.