WebShare 2.12.2: Release Notes
December 16, 2020

WebShare v2.12.2 has been released on December 16, 2020.
Please find the most important changes below:

New Features & Improvements

  • The WebShare user interface has been fully redesigned to match the look & feel of other FARO products.
  • [WebShare Pro feature] The Export task now allows to export point clouds in LAS and LAZ format.
  • [WebShare Pro feature] The Export Properties task now exports the object position with separate columns for X, Y, Z.
    The "Transformation" columns are still exported as before.
  • When sending automated emails to users, WebShare now uses the real name in the salutation line if available.
    If not available, WebShare tries to derive the name from the email address. E.g. "John Doe" is derived from
  • Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported.
    We decided to stop maintaining this legacy browser to be able to deliver more features for modern browsers.
    Please use one of the supported browsers instead, like Chrome or Firefox.
Known Issue: The new features of WebShare 2.12.2 are not yet documented in this user manual.

WebShare Enterprise v1.0: New Product Launch!
November 19, 2020

WebShare Enterprise v1.0 has been released on November 19, 2020.

WebShare on Enterprise Level Usage

Ensure full control over the security of the stored reality data by using your company’s own cloud infrastructure (private cloud) or server.
Users sign in using their organizational accounts. Thanks to single sign-on (SSO) support, there is no need to remember and manage different passwords for the tools that are used by your company.
This provides an easy and secure way for organizational administrators to control who has access to this service.

Learn more on the WebShare product website or in the FARO Knowledge Base.

WebShare 2.12: Release Notes
October 22, 2020

WebShare v2.12 has been released on October 22, 2020.
Please find the most important changes below:

New Features & Improvements

For Users:

  • It is now possible to colorize the scan points in the 3D view with respect to their elevation (z axis coordinates), x or y axis coordinates, or distance to camera.
    The new colorization menu in the action bar allows to adjust the colorization range on-the-fly.
  • The walk mode has been added as fourth navigation mode to the 3D view.
    It is similar to the fly mode, with the difference that vertical movement is locked. It can be used e.g. to "walk" on the floor of a building.
  • [WebShare Pro feature] The new Export Properties task in the "Project Content" category allows to export the properties of objects (scans, annotations, measurements, orthophotos) to a CSV file. The layout of the CSV table can be configured in multiple ways, e.g. by changing the desired decimal separator.
    The task also allows to export scan positions in a format suitable for import into FARO As-Built™ for AutoCAD® Software and FARO As-Built™ for Autodesk Revit®: Demo Video

For Administrators:

  • Access Control: The project table now contains the Shared with Groups column and the group table now contains the Accessible Projects column.
    This allows to get a quick overview about the project access in your domain.
  • Workbench: It's now possible to edit the project keywords in "Publish" > "Edit Details".

For SCENE users:

  • The WebShare upload dialog and the upload tab of the WebShare export dialog in SCENE 2020.0 now offer to directly create point cloud data for the WebShare 3D view from the SCENE project point cloud.
  • SCENE 2020.0.2 also comes with the updated SCENE 2go 1.2 app with various new features. Users of SCENE 2019.0 or later can download SCENE 2go 1.2 from the Knowledge Base.
Known Issue: The new features of WebShare 2.12 are not yet documented in this user manual.

Where to find the new 3D View features:

Using scan point colorization for floor flatness analysis:

SCENE WebShare Cloud Release Notes
May 7, 2020

SCENE WebShare Cloud v2.11.1.213 has been released on May 7, 2020.
Please find the most important changes below:

New Features & Improvements

For Administrators:

  • Prospective customers can now request a free 60-day Trial Domain via the contact form.

    (The 30-day trial of the Pro package is still available, for both paid and trial domains.
    It can be activated from the administration dashboard.
    Read here or watch this video for information about the Pro package and the included features.)

  • The License Agreement for (EU) is again available in all UI languages.

For Users:

  • The Take Orthophoto task has the new option Snap to axes.
    This makes it possible to create exactly axis-aligned orthophotos.
  • The design of the World Map was slightly improved.
  • Minor bug fixes.

SCENE WebShare Cloud Release Notes
March 25, 2020

SCENE WebShare Cloud v2.11.0.77 has been released on March 25, 2020.
Please find the most important changes below:

New Features & Improvements

For Administrators:

  • Customers with the Base subscription can activate their free trial of the Pro package for 30 days from the administration dashboard.

    Check WebShare Cloud packages for the details and this YouTube video of the point cloud download feature available only in the Pro package.
  • The domain owner is now visible in the administration dashboard page, see the picture above. Please make sure to keep this contact up to date to receive important notifications.

For Users:

  • Miscellaneous fixes and security improvements.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.11: Release Notes
December 12, 2019

SCENE WebShare Cloud v2.11 has been released on December 12, 2019.
Please find the most important changes below:

New Features & Improvements

For Users:

  • Project Overview: The list view was improved to be more compact, similar to the one in SCENE.

  • Scan View: Increased the density of the 3D visualization while moving the camera.
  • Scan View: Improved the usability of the slider to blend between colored and intensity panorama images.
  • Take Orthophoto: The points that will contribute to the orthophoto can now be previewed in the 3D View with the new "Hide points outside the selected volume" option.
  • The Account Settings page can now be opened from the login menu in the header bar.
  • When starting a task using the context menu of an object, the "Select Objects" step is now skipped.
  • The job queue page now updates itself automatically several times per minute.

For Administrators:

  • Project Overview & Management: The uploader is now shown for each project as long as that user is still a member of the domain.
  • Workbench: Previously uploaded CPE files can now be downloaded from the Processing page, e.g. for re-importing them into SCENE.
  • Workbench: It is now possible to rename a point cloud, and to directly open it in the 3D View.
  • Administrators can now switch more easily between the three task panels (Standard, Workbench, Administration).
  • The creation of point clouds ("Create 3D Data") is now slightly faster.

Bug Fixes

For Users:

  • Fixed that the "hot" icon for new objects was not shown in some cases.
  • The data filter menu is now correctly updated when switching between projects.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and security improvements.

Browser Recommendation

  • For Windows users, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox as the Internet Explorer offers a much lower performance in the Scan View.
  • Read more on the page Recommended Systems.
Update March 24, 2020: All translations of this user manual have been updated with the latest features of SCENE WebShare Cloud v2.11.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.10: Release Notes
July 17, 2019

SCENE WebShare Cloud v2.10 has been released on July 17, 2019.
Please find the most important changes below:

New Features

For Users:

  • Sharing Links: It is now possible to Share Private Projects by a secret link with anonymous users.
    As before, you can just copy the link, or use the button to directly include it in a new e-mail.
    This feature can be enabled per project by Project Managers. It is then available to all users in the domain with access to the project.

  • Overview Map, Scan View: The Coordinate Picker can now be hidden by button click in the status bar.
    This is helpful when you've accidentally set the Coordinate Picker and want to remove the thumbtack icon.

For Administrators:

Other Improvements

For Users:

  • Project Overview: The page loading time was reduced when there is a large number of projects.
  • FARO Customer Experience Improvement Program: You can now opt-in to participate and help us to improve our software.
  • Fixed broken page when sharing links to SCENE WebShare Cloud on social media.
  • Fixed that the Data Filter Panel only worked when logged in.

For Developers:

  • Fixed interaction problem when SCENE WebShare Cloud is embedded as an IFrame, and the mouse leaves the IFrame while a button is pressed.
Please note that currently only the English version of this documentation is fully up to date with the latest features from v2.9 and v2.10.
Thank you for your understanding.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.9: Release Notes
May 23, 2019

SCENE WebShare Cloud v2.9 has been released on May 23, 2019.
Please find the most important changes below:

New Features

  • 3D View navigation: New Examine and Smart Modes.
    • The Examine Mode is an object-centric navigation mode. It is especially useful for small objects.
    • The Smart Mode allows to dynamically switch between Fly Mode and Examine Mode.
    • Both modes work as in FARO SCENE, except that camera roll is not supported.
    • The default navigation mode (now called Fly Mode) remains unchanged.
    • Read more in the user manual how to use and how to switch between these modes.

  • Processing: Notifications for "Create Orthophoto" and "Create 3D Data" tasks.
    • The user will automatically receive an e-mail after his/her task has finished.
    • These notifications are enabled by default. This can be changed in Settings > My Account.
      Read more in the user manual.

Other Improvements

  • Improved layout and usability of some pages on mobile phones.
  • VR: Fixed positioning of VR controllers.
  • VR: Fixed image stretching after entering VR the second time.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.8.2: Release Notes
March 06, 2019

SCENE WebShare Cloud v2.8.2 has been released on March 6, 2019.
It brings the following improvements:
  • The user manual is now available in 9 languages.
  • Only for the EU-hosted version
    • The legal documents are now also available in 9 languages.
    • Sign up simplification for new customers: You can now accept the License Agreement online by check box, instead of signing it on paper.

After choosing the language in the SCENE WebShare Cloud user interface, the localized version of each document will be opened.

Updates to our Terms of Service and License Agreement (EU)
October 04, 2018

(Note: These changes only affect the EU-hosted version of SCENE WebShare Cloud,

The US-hosted version,, is not affected.)

Dear SCENE WebShare Cloud users,

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, we are updating our License Agreement as well as other terms related to our service SCENE WebShare Cloud.

These updates will take effect on October 11, 2018.

We encourage you to read the documents in full (by clicking on the title of each document), but the key updates in our terms include:

For all Users

The following changes apply to all registered users of

  • Data Processing Information for User (formerly called "Terms of Service"):
    • The major changes include a clear explanation of the data we collect.
  • Terms of Service (new document):
    • The Terms of Service contain a comprehensive description of the rights and obligations of users and the different user roles.
    • Please understand that you will have to accept the new Terms of Service on the next login after October 11 in order to continue using SCENE WebShare Cloud.
      This gives us the legal basis to store and process your personal data, as far as required for the operation of SCENE WebShare Cloud.
      If you do not accept the new Terms of Service until December 31, 2018, we will have to delete your user account after an additional reminder.
    • In case that you experience problems when uploading projects from SCENE after October 11, 2018, please log in once at

For Licensees

The following changes only apply to our customers, with a paid subscription for their own domain <COMPANY>

  • License Agreement:
    • It clarifies the rights of the licensees when there are changes to the services or new features.
    • It clarifies the scope of the different user roles and rights of administrators and provides for clearer payment terms.

What do you have to do now?

  • In order to accept the new Terms of Service, you just have to log in once at after October 11.
  • Any Domain Administrator of your SCENE WebShare Cloud domain can accept the new License Agreement after logging in on October 11 or later.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.8.1: Release Notes
October 04, 2018

SCENE WebShare Cloud v2.8.1 has been released on October 4, 2018.
Please find the most important changes below:

New Features

For Users:

  • New tablet-friendly user manual.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) - enables users to view an entire project through a compatible VR headset.
    • Look and move around in 360° panorama and 3D point clouds.
    • Take and save measurements and annotations with the VR controllers.
    • Move quickly to another location using teleporting.
    Click here for the VR user manual.

For Administrators:

  • A welcome text can be added to project selector under "Administration" > "Settings" > "Domain". It can contain links and images along with other features.
    Read more in the user manual.

Other Changes

  • Project compass now use XY coordinates by default. Project managers can switch to cardinal directions if the project orientation to the north is correct.
    Read more in the user manual.
  • Login box is shown instead of project selector when there are no public projects.
  • Language setting from header bar is automatically saved for logged-in users.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.7.3: Release Notes
July 26, 2018

SCENE WebShare Cloud v2.7.3.1 has been released on 2018-07-26.
Please find the most important changes below:

Bug Fixes

  • The visibility range of Area Annotations is now correctly considered.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.7.2: Release Notes
May 25, 2018

SCENE WebShare Cloud v2.7.2.1 has been released on 2018-05-25.
Please find the most important changes below:

New Features

  • Each user can now choose a username. (The initial username will be set automatically based on the email address.)
    Login is then possible with either the email address or the username.
  • Users now have the possibility to delete their own user account on the page "Settings" > "My Account".

Other Changes

  • Accepting browser cookies now additionally requires to click on a checkbox.
    SCENE WebShare Cloud will only set cookies if accepted by the user.
  • It is now possible to revoke the acceptance of cookies on the "Legal Notices" page.
Shortly, we will also update our End-User Terms of Service. All users will then have to approve the new Terms once on the next login.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.7: Release Notes
Apr 11, 2018

WebShare Cloud v2.7.1.0 has been released on 2018-04-11.
Please find the most important changes below:

New Features

For Users:

  • Angle Measurements
    • Distance measurements can now show the angles at each joint.
    • To view the angles, select the "Show Axes and Angles" menu item in the context menu of the measurement.
      (The default viewing mode of measurements can be changed by Domain Administrators in the Domain Settings page.)

  • Easier access to Visibility Settings
    • The visibility menu in the Scan View now allows you to quickly change the visibility range of all object types, including measurements.

  • 3D View Gap Filler can now be toggled
    • The Gap Filler can improve the appearance of laser scan projects, but might be less helpful for Freestyle3D projects.

  • Reset Settings buttons
    • All settings pages now have "Reset to Default Settings" buttons to switch back to the default values of all listed settings.
  • Upload Date shown for all projects
    • Now the Upload Date is shown for all projects, even for those uploaded to early versions of WebShare Cloud.

For Administrators:

  • Easier use of "Project Manager access"
    • If you try to modify a write-protected object, e.g. a scan, and you have the Project Manager role, then the Edit task will allow to you enable Project Manager access with one click.
      This allows you to edit any object, even those created by other users.
  • It is now possible to change the Domain Owner in the Domain Settings page
    • The Domain Owner will receive notifications about planned updates to SCENE WebShare Cloud, and other information related to domain administration.
    • Please check that your Domain Owner is up to date, so that the WebShare Cloud team has means to contact you.

Bug Fixes

For Users:

  • Fixed a bug where the Mini View button disappeared after logging in.
  • Fixed double-clicking on a marker in the world map.

For Administrators:

  • The tasks "Configure Overview Map" and "Publish Project" in the Project Workbench are now only available when they can actually be used for the current project.

SCENE 2go 1.0 released!
Feb 19, 2018

FARO is pleased to announce the release of SCENE 2go, the successor of SCENE WebShare 2Go 2.0.

SCENE 2go is a secure, non-internet based project sharing solution for SCENE software users. Just like in the old WebShare 2Go, users can simply save scan projects on a USB drive or any other external storage medium and view it on Windows® or macOS® computers without the need of an internet connection. It comes in form of a SCENE app and an associated viewer for the transferred project data.

Compared to WebShare 2Go, the following new features have been added:

  • The viewer is no longer based on the Chromium browser and now has the look & feel of a standard desktop application.
  • All files linked in annotations (documentation objects) in the SCENE project can now be transferred automatically.
  • There is now an offline world map that is shown when no internet connection is available.
  • The axis viewing mode of measurements now also shows the angles between the adjacent measurement segments.
  • There is now a button in the SCENE app to directly open the transferred project in the SCENE 2go viewer.

The app requires a valid SCENE software license and SCENE 7.1.

The free download and Quick Start Guide are available in the FARO 3D App Center.

(SCENE WebShare 2Go will no longer be supported and receive software updates. It will be still available in the 3D App Center for users of SCENE Version 7.0 or below.)

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.6 Release Notes
Aug 10, 2017

Bug fixes

  • User area:
    • Overview Map: Fixed that annotations and measurements were only shown if visibility of scan markers was also enabled.
    • Scan View (3D): Fixed that loading point data did not complete in newer, buggy versions of Microsoft Edge.
    • Project Content: Fixed broken layout when viewing large scan image previews.
  • Workbench area:
    • Fixed that the task "Processing > Create 3D Data" task failed when the filename of the CPE file started with a "_" character.
    • Fixed that the task "Processing > Delete Objects" sometimes failed if the pointcloud had been created by another user.
  • Administration area:
    • Fixed that the task "User Management > Add Users" sometimes failed.
    • Fixed some non-translated UI texts.

Simplified License Agreement
Aug 10, 2017

Dear WebShare Cloud administrators,

The WebShare Cloud team informs you about a simplification of our license agreement. Starting today, 2017-08-10, all data in WebShare Cloud will be stored on servers in the European Union. We will no longer store personal data at Stormpath Inc.
This change means better protection of your users' personal data. We believe that this is an advantage for all our customers.

To our customers in the United States: An entirely US-hosted version of WebShare Cloud is coming soon! We'll keep you updated...

The updated license agreement can be viewed at here.

The changes are as follows:

  • Annex 4 was updated.
  • Exhibit 3 to Annex 4 was removed.
  • Note: The subscription terms, including pricing, remain unchanged.

The Data Processing Information for Consent of Guest User was also updated accordingly, and can be viewed here.

With best regards,

The WebShare Cloud team

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.5 Release Notes
Jun 28, 2017

New features

  • Added description and hyperlink support for Measurements
  • Improved hyperlink support for Annotations, Measurements and Orthophotos:
    • A small icon indicates that the object has one or more hyperlinks
    • The menu of the object now has an item to directly open the first hyperlink in a new tab

  • Added touch navigation support for Microsoft Edge browser (desktop and mobile)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed that the World Map did not always load correctly
  • Layout improvements for small screens, and other minor bug fixes

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.4 Release Notes
Apr 04, 2017

New features

  • User area:
    • Project Details: Upload date of the project is shown (if uploaded to WebShare Cloud v2.3 or later).
  • Administration area:
    • Dashboard: Now it is possible to view billing data of months earlier than last month (up to 10/2015, or the start month of the subscription).
    • Project List: Now a progress spinner is shown for each project having a point cloud in construction.
    • Project List: Upload dates of projects are shown (if uploaded to WebShare Cloud v2.3 or later).

Bug fixes

  • User area:
    • Project Details: Removed fancy scrolling effect, to avoid that sometimes parts of the text were hidden.
    • Overview Map / Scan View: Fixed that data filter menu was not available after opening the "Settings" menu.
    • Scan View: Fixed that the 3D button was disabled when the 3D view was active.
  • Administration area:
    • Processing > Delete Objects: Fixed that only the creator of a point cloud could delete it. Now a Project Manager can delete any point cloud, including point clouds created by other users.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.3 Release Notes
Dec 21, 2016

Preview Features

WebShare Cloud v2.3 contains a preview for new workflows to create or enhance WebShare Cloud projects.

  1. Adding a high quality point cloud to an existing project for astonishing 3D visualizations in the browser as an addition to the panoramic images.
  2. Creating projects from Freestyle data, sections of a project or any other point cloud data. This ends the necessity to create virtual scans to visualize point cloud data from sources other than laser scanners.
  3. Replacing an existing point cloud or adding additional point clouds to a project. Use this to bring in fresh data at any time: Form a time-series of several point clouds to let your users track changes on the project site. Or replace a point cloud with an updated version after applying more cleanup operations.
This provides better support for Freestyle point clouds, point clouds from other sources like photogrammetry or third party scanning devices. See our separate "Getting Started" guide for more information about the preview features.

New Features

  • Project management tasks have been restructured for a better user experience.
  • A project can now have multiple point clouds.
  • In the overview map scan clusters are colored by age or height depending on the setting.
  • In the overview map cluster behaviour has been changed to show more individual scan markers.
  • The coordinates of the coordinate picker can be copied into clipboard.
  • The coordinates in the properties of an object can be copied into clipboard.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.2 Release Notes
Jul 25, 2016

New Features

For Users:

  • New Mini View: Use Overview Map and Scan View side-by-side.
  • Area Annotations: Annotate a region instead of a point, in Overview Map or Scan View.
  • The Coordinate Picker is now also available in the Overview Map.
  • User Settings page: Added a check box to request a password reset

For Administrators:

  • Improved Access Control settings for projects.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed occasionally failing uploads from SCENE
  • Improved stability when navigating using the browser's back and forward buttons

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.1 Release Notes
Apr 06, 2016

New Features

Scan View

  • Scan view now supports taking measurements in pointcloud.


  • Project managers can now upload a new project image for existing projects.
  • Domain administrators can set defaults for settings.
  • The defaults are used for users that do not have a setting of their own.
  • The domain administrators can force a certain setting to be used.
  • The angle unit is now a user setting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed world map crashing on iPad when there are many projects.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.0 Release Notes
Apr 06, 2016

New Features

  • 3D View is now available for all customers
  • Annotations can now be created in the 3D View
  • New cost overview section in the Administration Dashboard

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rendering issues with older graphics cards and graphics drivers

New Attractive Pricing Model starting September 2015
Sep 29, 2015

Dear valued FARO SCENE WebShare Cloud customer,

Today we have very good news for you: FARO has decided to simplify our SCENE WebShare Cloud product portfolio and reduce the prices for using our service at the same time!

Starting mid of September we will be offering only one single SCENE WebShare Cloud package – the "Base Package".

Most relevant change for you as a customer:

  • unlimited number of registered users
  • 50 GB included storage and download volume (good for ca. 500 scans)

At the same time we will also drastically reduce the prices for additional storage and additional download volume. For both, you will only be charged 0.10 € / 0.12 USD per gigabyte per month!

Saving example:

Before Small enterprise package (100 GB storage and download volume included) 1490 € / 1950 USD
per year

NEW Base Package (50 GB storage and found on volume included, unlimited users) 790 € / 990 USD
per year

  50 GB additional storage at 0.10 € / 0.12 USD per gigabyte per month 60 € / 72 USD
per year

  50 GB additional download volume at 0.10 € / 0.12 USD per gigabyte per month 60 € / 72 USD
per year

  Total price: 910 € / 1134 USD
per year

  You save: 580 € / 816 USD
per year!

What do you have to do?

There is no action required on your end. During the course of the month of September you will see the package description and the available storage and download volume changed in your SCENE WebShare Cloud administration dashboard. At the dashboard you may also closely monitor your monthly consumption of additional storage and download volume.

With your next monthly invoice you will also see the reduced price (if you use the base package today, the monthly price will stay the same).

In case you need additional information or have questions which are not answered in this post, please feel free to contact your local FARO representative or write an email to our customer support:
Asia, Pacific:
Europe, Middle East, Africa:

For more product information, please also have a look at our product info pages:
Americas (USD):
Europe (€): (also available in German, French and Polish)

Best regards,

Your FARO SCENE WebShare Cloud team

SCENE WebShare Cloud 1.8 Release Notes
May 28, 2015

New Features

Multi-Scan Measurement

  • It is now possible to switch scans during measurement to continue a measurement in another scan of the project.


  • Scale: orthophotos are now rendered with a scale in meters and feet below the image.
  • Gap Filling: orthophotos now have a better visual quality because of the gap filling which closes small holes with interpolation. Gap filling is enabled by default but can be turned off in the task.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect visualization of optional task steps.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 1.7 Release Notes
Feb 16, 2015

New Features

Create orthographic photos from scan data (beta feature)

  • The new task is available in the Overview Map.
  • Image creation will not happen instantly. Rendering time depends on the number of scans chosen in the task and the exported scan resolutions.
  • Use the new Job Queue page for monitoring your orthophoto rendering jobs.
  • This new feature has beta status. Please give us feedback and tell us how we can improve this feature inm future releases!


  • Add hyperlinks to your and dropbox files to annotations and orthophotos.
  • Share a link to the current view by email or embed it into your own website. Use the new 'share' button in the top right corner to do so.


  • Project Administration: storage consumption is now broken down by project.
  • We have improved the user interface - especially for tasks and input forms.

New WebShare Cloud Features in SCENE 5.4

Support for FARO Freestyle 3D

  • Use the new virtual scans feature to export Freestyle 3D data for WebShare Cloud.

WebShare Cloud Data Import

  • Import annotations and measurements that were created in WebShare Cloud back into the corresponding SCENE 5.4 project.


  • WebGL GPU accelerated rendering is enabled in Internet Explorer 11 by default now.

Bug Fixes

  • Several minor bug fixes and improvements.

SCENE WebShare Cloud not vulnerable to ShellShock Exploits
Sep 30, 2014

WebShare Cloud is not vulnerable to the weaknesses recently revealed in Bash known as ShellShock or CVE-2014-6271!

We do not utilize Bash or Bash scripts as part of the production system. Bash is inaccessible via API calls. We do not utilize the mod_cgi or mod_cgid in Apache. Anyhow, we are constantly monitoring security relevant topics and deploy patches when appropriate.

Learn more about ShellShock.

How To: Set up your custom company logo
Sep 03, 2014

New in Version 1.6: Custom Logos

With version 1.6 we introduced custom company logos. Add your own branding to your WebShare Cloud Projects!
Custom logos can be set up by Domain Administrators and show up in the Panorama View and Overview Map of all projects under your sub-domain.

This is how to setup a logo for your domain:

First of all - you will not be able to access this functionality unless you have the Domain Administrator role assigned to your account. If you are a Domain Administrator, read on!

  1. Log in with your Domain Administrator account.
  2. Switch to the administration panel.

  3. In your administration panel Click 'Settings' and then 'Domain'. The domain settings were introduced with Version 1.6.

  4. Click the 'Choose File' button to open a file browser.

  5. Select an image file from your local hard disk drive. Supported file types are JPG, PNG and GIF.

    Image files must not exceed 200kB. There is no restriction in terms of image dimension but logo size will be limited if the size exceeds 25% of the browser width or height. Also note that logo images will not be scaled up so if you upload a tiny image WebShare Cloud will display it that way.

    The selected file will be shown in your browser:

    Image transparency is supported for PNG and GIF so if your custom logo contains transparent areas, these areas will also be transparent in WebShare Cloud later on.
  6. Adjust the opacity of the logo if you like. Lower the opacity to make the logo more transparent. The logo is updated in real time for immediate feedback.

  7. When you are satisfied with the result, click 'OK' in the bottom right corner of your screen to save the changes.

That's it - you are done. Open any Overview Map or a Panorama View to verify the result.

Of course you can always come back to adjust opacity or to change and remove the logo later on.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 1.6 Release Notes
Sep 01, 2014

New Features

  • Deep Links: Store bookmarks and share links to views.
  • Add your custom logo to the overview map and panorama view.
  • New Role: 'Uploader'. This role has no administrative access at all but the right to upload data.
  • Compass for the panorama view.
  • Color coded scan markers for the overview map.
  • Scan names for the overview map.
  • Rectangular selector in map and panorama view.
  • New action bar for map and panorama view.
  • Object visibility can now be set in action bar.
  • Map Layer transparency can now be changed in the map action bar.
  • Optimizations for small screens and mobile phones.
  • Color coded project access management.


  • Settings-pages now restore the last view on close instead of opening the project selector.
  • Pagination for user list in administration area.
  • Improved resuming of uploads.
  • Smartphones, tablets and other small screen devices can now hide the task panel completely.
  • Improved background loading and reduced number of requests. Improves page loading speed.
  • Scan markers in panorama view are now shown transparent if they are occluded.
  • Scans in the overview map can now display their category.
  • Role descriptions are now localized.
  • Panorama view scan markers are now positioned in a way that their tip points to the scan location.
  • Improved rendering speed of measurements in overview map and panorama view.
  • Highlight color of annotations, scans and measurements is now easier to distinguish from the regular color.
  • A warning is now shown when creating a measurement or annotation and the object layer is invisible due to user settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Radial menu should no longer close immediately on iPad Air.
  • Fixed layout problems with alerts in task panel.
  • Log-in screen input fields should now work as intended.
  • The upload state of projects should now be displayed correctly.
  • Log-in page should now work correctly when already logged in.

SCENE WebShare Cloud Release Notes
Jul 02, 2014


  • Show current storage size in administration dashboard (in addition to maximum value of month). Note that maximum of month is still relevant for billing.
  • Improved task to add users to the domain: task now accepts email addresses mixed with names as input, e.g.: John Doe <>. This typically happens when copy/pasting from Outlook or other email clients.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent connection timeouts during project upload, leading to failed uploads. If you are behind a proxy server, timeouts may still happen. This problem will be solved in the next SCENE bug fix release.
  • WebShare Cloud now works as intended in private mode on iOS 7 Safari (iPad).
  • Fixed an error in the visibility of area measurements. Area measurements should now be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed repeated storage warning emails, even after projects were already deleted.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 1.5 Release Notes
Jun 02, 2014

New Features

  • Distance and area measurements are now available for the overview map.
  • Annotations can now be created in the Overview Map.
  • CAD Layouts can be added to the Overview Map as a separate layer when exporting a project with SCENE 5.3.
  • Panorama View can now mix intensity and color images for exciting new visual impressions.
  • Scan image gallery is available in the Project Content view. Click on any scan thumbnail to open it.
  • Domain Administrators are now automatically notified when monthly storage or traffic limits of their package are at 80%/100%.


  • Improved overall performance of the system. Map tiles and panorama images are loading much faster now.
  • Users are now redirected to main page after successfully verifying their account or resetting their password.
  • Scan preview images are shown when clicking on a scan marker in Panorama View or Overview map.
  • Additional zoom steps are available for the overview map.
  • General overhaul for user interface components. The overall look and feel is more consistent now.
  • Improved usability for small screens.

Bug Fixes

  • User details page now shows first name and last name correctly.
  • Wrong error message when trying to delete scans was fixed.
  • Large projects should now be deletable without problems.

SCENE WebShare Cloud is not vulnerable to Heartbleed Exploits
Apr 14, 2014

Today we want to inform you about Heartbleed, a major vulnerability in OpenSSL, the technology that powers encryption across much of the internet.

As you may already know, Heartbleed was discovered this week and like many other web services, we took immediate action to patch the vulnerability in our infrastructure.

WebShare Cloud is not vulnerable to Heartbleed exploits!

Though we have no evidence of malicious behavior, we've taken the extra precaution of logging you out of WebShare Cloud and you will need to log in again on your next visit.

We want you to know, that we have made WebShare Cloud completely safe from Heartbleed, and this is how weave kept your data and communication safe and sound:

  • We have deployed the updated OpenSSL libraries to all our servers.
  • We then renewed all of our SSL certificates.
  • We have restarted all servers to clear caches.
  • We logged out all users to ensure that everyone would create new, secure connections.

Want to know more? Here is a good article explaining the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL and its impact on internet security.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 1.4 Release Notes
Apr 08, 2014

New Features

  • Categories for Objects. Each object can have one category assigned. Each category is represented by a color. Objects can be filtered by their category.
  • Tags for Objects. Each object can have several tags assigned. Objects can be filtered by their tags.
  • The Scan List view was replaced by Project Content View which also shows Annotations and Measurements.
  • Annotations are shown in the overview map now.
  • The new data filters allow controlling the data objects that are requested from the server.
  • Administrative access allows Project Managers to edit write protected and private content.
  • It is now possible to open panorama views and property views on annotations, scans and measurements.
  • It is now possible to open overview maps views on annotations and scans.
  • Objects that have changed (or were created) since the last visit are flagged in the Project Content View.


  • Annotations are now rendered globally. A visibility check provides visual hints for possibly occluded annotations.
  • Selections can only be made within tasks.
  • When creating a new measurement individual measurement points may now be removed.
  • The administration dashboard now has separate charts for upload and download.
  • Scan overlays are no longer shown when moving mouse very shortly over scan position marker.
  • Visibility settings are now stored in the browser's local storage (Panorama View, Overview Map) and recovered on next visit.
  • Project selector works better on mobile devices now.
  • Introduced a new option to disable WebGL in the settings. Don't use it unless you have rendering problems.
  • The account validation site was improved.
  • The task panel layout was improved for better usability.
  • Labels of annotations and measurements can now display their write access state or their category. A new setting lets you choose what is displayed.
  • The radial menu has a shadow now and it is easier to distinguish it on different backgrounds.
  • New flags for the language settings are available. No new languages this is only a visual improvement by popular request.

Bug Fixes

  • The previous map is no longer visible shortly on project change.
  • Some login issues with IE 9 were solved.
  • Changing to Overview Map while Project Selector is loading should no longer prevent dragging in Overview Map.
  • IE 9 no longer throws errors when hovering over items in dropdown menus of header bar.
  • Background color of export is now correctly used by Overview Map.
  • The Feature Box now shuffles project images automatically again as intended.
  • Password verifier now correctly deals with multi-byte characters.
  • Fixed a problem were in rare cases the project image was not correctly uploaded.
  • The map on the project detail page now works correctly in IE 10.
  • Panorama View Status Bar now does smarter line breaks.
  • Circular menu now respects login state correctly.
  • Project details page renders correctly in IE 9 now.
  • Overview Map now shows all scan positions initially in IE 9.
  • Opening new panorama views via radial menu does now respect camera continuity as intended.
  • Show project on map button in project selector works as intended now.
  • Donut charts are no longer drawn at huge scale on some tablets.
  • NaN is no longer shown as date in storage details.
  • Panorama View no longer flashes white in software rendering mode.

SCENE WebShare Cloud 1.3 Release Notes
Feb 17, 2014

New Features

  • Objects can now be shared with everyone with project access
  • Non-persistent measurements are now possible (for logged in and anonymous users)
  • Write-protected objects are now shown as write-protected in tasks
  • Object property pages display sharing information
  • Measurements can now be renamed


  • Labels in panorama view can now be moved
  • Radial menu shows more actions
  • Tasks show better feedback for individual steps

Bug Fixes

  • Radial menu disappears when it exceeds the view dimensions

SCENE WebShare Cloud goes live!
Feb 12, 2014

SCENE WebShare Cloud - FARO's secure cloud-based solution for storing and sharing scan data with different project partners is avaliable for sale!

Read more information about features and packages at:

SCENE WebShare Cloud 1.2 Release Notes
Jan 23, 2014

New Features

  • Coordinate Picker for the Panorama View
  • Circular Menu for scans, annotations and measurements in the Panorama View


  • Login page usability was improved
  • Vertical and horizontal parts of measurements can now be visualized
  • Project upload status is now shown as icon and color instead of plain text
  • Project location is now also a link to google maps in the project administration
  • "Project Overview" category was renamed "Projects"
  • Markdown hints were added in the task panel

Bug Fixes

  • The "My Account" task no longer throws an error on clicking "OK"
  • Removed artifacts in exported map when using colored background
  • Fixed a problem with custom project images during upload
  • Links to external map do no longer zoom in too deep
  • Internet Explorer 11 can now render panorama view correctly

SCENE WebShare Cloud v1.1 Release Notes
Dec 18, 2013

New Features

  • Data age visualization in Panorama View
  • Markup is now available for project descriptions and annotation descriptions (Markdown syntax).


  • Significantly improved page loading time.
  • Improved user experience on several mobile devices.
  • Changed default visibility distance for scan positions to 50m (up from 30m).
  • More compact list of projects in project administration.
  • Unsupported browsers now show a meaningful error message.
  • Increased maximum length of project display name (now 128 characters).
  • Improved project image quality.
  • Implemented several UI improvements.
  • You can now press enter to log in.
  • Improved user experience on several mobile devices.

Bug Fixes

  • Panorama View tasks now show an error message for non authorized users as intended.
  • Administration: users without a name are no longer displayed as an empty string.
  • World map should now work correctly on tablets.
  • A wide scrollbar no longer breaks the task panel layout in Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.
  • Cannot edit annotation when hyperlinks field is empty.
  • Panorana View is now closed when project is changed.
  • Panorama View resolution icon only worked when language was English.
  • No public projects shown after log out.
  • Scan List and Panorama View show position always in meter and omit the unit.
  • Pressing return in create account and lost password pages no longer triggers back button.
  • Measurement no longer stays visible after deletion.
  • It is now required to accept the terms of service when creating a new account or resetting the password.

SCENE WebShare Cloud v1.0 online
Nov 06, 2013

WebShare Cloud is up and running again with version including the following changes:

Major changes and fixes:

  • Feature: Property page showing details of scans, annotations and measurements
  • Feature: Inviting user to domain as Domain Administrator
  • Feature: Remember last username in login form
  • Feature: Overview Map visualizes scan points when highlighting scan using age or height as color key
  • Feature: Overview Map visualizes scan points when highlighting scan cluster using aggregated age or height
  • Feature: Overview Map settings
  • Improvement: Dashboard shows accumulated traffic
  • Improvement: Updated localization
  • Improvement: Improved loading speed of project selector
  • Improvement: Overall loading speed of images
  • Improvement: Reduced CPU usage to improve responsiveness on low-end devices
  • Improvement: Switch language to personal settings on page load
  • Improvement: Minor layout changes
  • Improvement: Task signals progress during execution
  • Fix: Private projects are still visible in the project selector after logout
  • Fix: Several panorama view issues
  • Fix: Filter in user management
  • Fix: Project thumbnails invisible in Internet Explorer
  • Fix: Panorama View settings inaccessible when not logged in
  • Fix: Task executes several times when clicking fast

Please note that the costs in the administration dashboard are experimental and won't be charged during the beta test.

SCENE WebShare Cloud v0.4 online
Oct 24, 2013

WebShare Cloud is up and running again with version including the following changes:

  • Feature: Dashboard showing usage reports
  • Improvement: Help page is loaded asynchronously to improve initial loading time
  • Improvement: Improved upload time for small files (not yet used by SCENE 5.2 beta)

Please note that the costs in the administration dashboard are experimental and won't be charged during the beta test.

Known Issues:

  • Project image gets lost when updating project details (fixed in next release)

Upcoming changes:

  • Visualization of scans in the overview map (near future)
  • Scan age and height visualization in the overview map (near future)
  • Property pages showing details of scans/annotations/measurements (near future)
  • Bug fixes

SCENE WebShare Cloud v0.3 updated
Oct 15, 2013

WebShare Cloud is up and running again with version including some bug fixes:


  • Fix: Undefined error when adding users to domain
  • Fix: Adding/Removing users to/from domain does not update user list
  • Fix: Login with wrong username is treated as connection error
  • Fix: Map in project overview sometimes doesn't center on projects
  • Fix: Picking point for annotation does not work after inserting the name first
  • Fix: Layout problems with task panel in Internet Explorer 9
  • Fix: String resources missing
  • Fix: Scan list doesn't show coordinates
  • Fix: Scan list is sometimes not sortable
  • Fix: Layout problems (collapsible blocks)
  • Fix: Scan marker of currently loaded scan is visible in panorama view

Known Issues:

  • Not all shown languages are available. Choosing an unavailable language slows down the page.
  • The user settings do not affect the initial language

SCENE WebShare Cloud v0.3 online
Oct 08, 2013

WebShare Cloud is up and running again with software version v0.3. Thus the SCENE 5.1 Beta version we provided for WebShare Cloud in August is now obsolete. From now on please use the SCENE 5.2 beta test version. This version including the SCENE 5.2 beta test WebShare server and the beta test manual (as pdf document in English) is available for download at the following URL: using this SID: 122462246

Major changes and fixes:

  • Feature: Distance filter for scan marker and annotation visualization in the panorama view
  • Feature: First draft of German localization, other languages will follow
  • Feature: Modifying selections task to allow fast selecting/deselecting of all scans/annotations/measurements
  • Improvement: Batch editing multiple annotations/projects/groups is now possible
  • Improvement: Introduced next button in tasks as alternative way to get to the next step within the task
  • Improvement: Added compact version of task panel for small displays
  • Improvement: Loading speed of image files
  • Fix: Continuation of project upload failed sometimes

Known Issues:

  • Not all shown languages are available. Choosing an unavailable language slows down the page.
  • The user settings do not affect the initial language.
  • Some string resources are missing, leading to "Oops, string not found!" messages
  • Map in project overview does not show projects correctly
  • Panorama view sometimes shows scan marker of currently loaded scan
  • User list does not refresh after adding/removing users to/from the domain
  • Scan list does not show scan coordinates

Upcoming changes:

  • Visualization of scans in the overview map (near future)
  • Scan age and height visualization in the overview map (near future)
  • Dashboard for traffic and storage usage visualization (near future)
  • Property pages showing details of scans/annotations/measurements
  • Bug fixes