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My Account—Edit Settings
This task enables you to change your personal data, for example your name, and general preferences.
1. Open Settings > My Account in the Task Panel.
Figure 83: My account
The following settings can be changed:
In the Account Details section, you can change your first, middle, and last name, as well as your username.
You can also request a password reset to change your password. You will then receive a password reset email with an embedded link. Click this link to open a secure page where you can enter your new password.
Open the drop-down list Language and select one of the available languages.
You can change your participation in the Customer Experience Improvement Program. If you select the check box, anonymous usage statistics are sent to FARO. We collect usage data such as system properties, system performance, used functionality and any errors that occured.We use this information to help us understand how customers use SCENE WebShare Cloud so we can continue to make the software better. You can change your decision at any time by changing the check box. If you have not made your decision yet, a popup box for this setting will also be shown in the Project Overview.
By default, your account is set up to receive email notifications when processing jobs (e.g., create orthophoto, create 3D data) succeed or fail. If you receive notification that a processing job failed, refer to the instructions in the email for steps to take to resolve the problem. If you don’t want to receive these notifications, clear the checkbox.
If you want to delete your account, select, Unlock the “Request Account Deletion” button. An information box will appear with details about the consequences of account deletion. Read this information carefully, then click Request Account Deletion. You will receive an email with a link to a page where you can permanently delete your account.
In the Units section, three drop-down lists provide unit settings: Open the drop-down lists and choose the units you want to work with.
Length Unit, Area Unit: These units are used in the Overview Map and the Scan View for example to display measurements.
Angle Unit: This unit is used for the compass shown in the Scan View and the angle view of measurements.
In the Coordinate System section you can choose the coordinate system for each project. You can select either one of the following options:
Project Coordinates (if available)
Global Coordinates
If you select Project Coordinates (if available), but the Project Manager has not provided a custom coordinate system for a project, global coordinates will be used instead.
2. Click OK in the task description to save the settings.
Note: You can reset the settings in this page to the defaults by clicking . Click OK to save the defaults.