Measurement Properties
Figure 18: Measurement properties, upper part
Global and Local button: Those two buttons are linked with the Measurement points line. Click the Global button to see the global coordinates of the object, or the Local button to see the local coordinates.
Note: The “Local” coordinate button is disabled if local and global coordinate systems are the same.
Scan View and Overview Map button: Only the button of the view in which the measurement was made will be shown. Click the Panorama View buttonmainto open the Scan View of the scan in which the measurement was made. Click the Overview Map buttonoverviewmapto open a close-up view of the Overview Map, with the measurement highlighted.
Name: The name of the measurement.
Category: The name of the category the measurement belongs to.
Tags: The names of the tags which were assigned to this measurement.
Links: If you added a hyperlink to this object, this hyperlink will be shown here.
Description: A description for this object.
Segments: the lengths of each measurement segment.
Measurement points: the x, y, and z position of each measurement point. For measurements made in the Overview Map, the z position will always be 0.
For distance measurements
Total: the overall length of the measurement.
Start to end point: the length between start and end point.
Along the x-axis: the length difference between start and end point in the x-axis.
Along the y-axis: the length difference between start and end point in the y-axis.
For area measurements
Area: the overall size of the measured area.
Centroid: the mean value of the x, y, and z positions of all measured values.
Circumference: the overall length of all segments.
Read / Write Access
Figure 19: Read/Write access
The Read Access and Write Access lists gives an overview of the rights the project manager granted to you.