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Measure Distance
You can create point-to-point measurements.
Point-to-point measurements compute and display the distances between the selected points. A point-to-point measurement can consist of numerous points. The distance between each pair of points and the overall distance of all points will be computed.
Select the Measure Distance task from the Task Panel.
1. Select points: Select at least two measurement points. The XYZ coordinates of each selected point are shown in the task step. After picking three points, the checkbox Connect end points appears. Select this option to measure the perimeter of an area.
Delete points: If you mis-clicked while measuring, you can remove the wrong measurement point by clicking the X button.
2. Enter Name: Provide a name for the measurement.
3. Edit Description: Enter the description of the object. Format your text by using some simple tags. Click the link to learn about the formatting syntax. For example, starting a line with the # character will format this line as a heading.
4. Add links: You may add links to files stored at 3rd party providers or to any other web page.
5. Save Measurement: Activate the check box to save the measurement. Otherwise the measurement will disappear when you close the project.
6. Set Category: Select None or one of the listed existing categories, or enter a new category name in the New Category input field and click Set.
7. Set Tags: Select one or more of the listed existing tags, or enter a new tag name in the New Tag input field and click Set.
Click OK to create the measurement.
Figure 31: Point-to-point measurement
The distances of all measurement segments and the overall distance are shown in their own labels. If a label hides a point of interest in the background, you can drag the label to a better position on the screen.
Radial menu
Click any part of the measurement to open its radial menu.
Figure 32: Radial menu
Shows the Edit task for the object. You can only edit a measurement if you have write access for it.
Shows the Measurement Properties for the object.
Switches between the viewing mode showing the distance labels for the individual measurement segments and the viewing mode showing the Angles and Axes view segments.
Deletes the object after you confirm the deletion.