To Import a high quality point cloud to an existing project, take the following steps:
Make sure the project is uploaded to SCENE WebShare Cloud.
Prepare the high quality point cloud data if required. Export the point cloud data from SCENE.
Open the SCENE WebShare Cloud project and import the exported point cloud data.
Note: For details about uploading and exporting a project from SCENE refer to the Export chapter in SCENE User Manual.
1. Select Import in project workbench,
2. Drag and drop processed 3D data (CPE) files from SCENE, SCENE Capture, or other 3D data processing tools.
Figure 104: Import: Drag and Drop Files to Upload
You can then create SCENE WebShare Cloud 3D data to enable the interactive 3D view. See Processing: Create 3D Data for more details. For information about recommended workflows and settings, read the section High-Quality Point Clouds.