How to use the Task Panel
To perform a task, select the task from the Task Panel. The individual steps of the task will be displayed on the right side of the window.
Figure 26: Task description
Colors: orange means the step is required, but has not been completed. Green means the step was executed correctly. Optional steps are shown in gray.
1. Active step. You can only perform the currently activated step. To proceed to the next task step, click the next step to activate it. To return to the previous step, click it.
2. Click Cancel to cancel this task. The task closes and the Task Panel is reactivated. All changes are discarded.
3. This step was not opened yet.
4. Click OK to complete this task.
Button Bar
If you have administrator or project manager rights, you can switch to the task panels for these roles using the buttons shown at right.
If you try to finish a task without completing all mandatory steps, or some steps are invalid, you will be informed. Complete all the steps and retry.
If the task could not be finished because of server error, an alert message pops up (left to the task bar). Some errors may be recovered in the task itself, for example when trying to create a group with a name that already exists on server. In this case, the task stays open and allows you to choose another name.
The user might see content that is write-protected. If such an object is selected during a task that requires write access (e.g., edit, share or remove) the selected object has a lock symbol. Additionally a warning informs the user that those objects won't be processed in the task. If only write-protected objects are selected, the warning becomes an error and the task cannot be completed without changing the selection.