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High Quality Point Clouds - Frequently Asked Questions
What is a CPE file?
CPE is a file format for point data developed by FARO that combines minimal file size with flexible quality settings.
These are the main properties of CPE format:
Exchange format for unstructured point clouds (CPE does not preserve row/column ordering of scans).
Has a high compression rate, so it can be efficiently transferred over the Internet, e.g., to SCENE WebShare Cloud.
Supported properties of each point:
Color (True Color = 16M colors, or High Color = 65k colors)
Laser reflection value (intensity)
Normal vector.
Currently supported by SCENE (import/export) and WebShare Cloud (import).
Upload Project Point Cloud Data: Upload the project point cloud to SCENE WebShare Cloud as a CPE file. This CPE file can be used as source data for the 3D View in SCENE WebShare Cloud.
What does it cost?
Using "Create 3D Data" creates additional files in the project. The storage consumption is charged as usual. To see the storage usage per project, please refer to the Administration Dashboard, but note that it is updated with a delay of more than 24 hours.