Header Bar
Offers all the functions that do not explicitly belong to a project. Click one of the buttons to open its menu. The button will be highlighted in a blue color. Click the button a second time to close the menu.
Figure 2: Header bar
Clicking the SCENE WebShare Cloud logo takes you back to the Project Overview.
You can change the way the Project Overview is displayed by clicking on the following buttons in the top right corner:
toggleFeatureBoxClick to hide the Featured Box of the most relevant projects. Click again to display it.
toggleWorldMapClick to hide the World Map. Click again to display it.
Select the language in which SCENE WebShare Cloud will be shown.
The Help button provides access to this online documentation.
Share the current view of a SCENE WebShare Cloud page with other users, by sending the link via mail, or by embedding the link into a website or blog.
Login, logout, and access to the administration panel.
Retract or expand the Task Panel. The retracted task bar only shows the buttons. If you use a smartphone to work with SCENE WebShare Cloud, the buttons will disappear, too.
Use the three buttons at the top of the Task Panel to switch between the Default Panel, workbench panel and administration panel. If you don’t have administrator or project manager access, the buttons are not shown.