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Group Management
Group Management is only available when you are logged in as user with the role Project Manager.
As Project Manager you have to establish Groups to define access rights to the private projects of your domain. After that, you can assign users to that group. A group must be assigned to the specific project. The assignment of groups to a private project will be performed in the task Access Control. A user must have at least one group in common with a project to be allowed to open it. Public projects are visible to any user, regardless of group membership, and even to anonymous users
When selecting the category Group Management in the Main Window, all groups are listed. The following tasks are provided.
Information about the groups
To each group, a detailed information is provided. The information is shown, when you click the correspondingdetailsbutton in the group list. The detailed information contains the name and the description of the group, and the users belonging to this group. For each user, the first name, last name, username, and email address is listed.
Figure 109: Detailed information on a group
By clicking on the browser’s back button, the group list will be displayed.