Featured Box
Figure 6: Featured Box
Contains previews of projects that have been marked as featured by the Project Manager. You can switch between the project previews by using the arrow buttons on the left and right side.
Use the Scroll to the previous projectbutton and the Scroll to the next project button inside the Featured Box to switch to the next or previous project.
In the top center of the Featured Box, small transparent circles are displayed. Each circle links to a featured project that will be displayed in the Featured Box by clicking on it. The circle of the featured project currently displayed is highlighted blue.
From the Featured Box you can open the project by clicking on theopen button. One of the following pages is then shown:
The Overview Map, if an overview map exists.
The 3D View, if a point cloud is available.
The Project Content page.
By clicking on thedetails button the complete project information will be displayed. This includes the full project description, the number of scans, etc.
Figure 7: Complete project information
Click themapLocationbutton to show the project's location in the World Map.