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Export and Upload from SCENE
Note: For instructions how to upload to, look at the example dialogs at the end of the page.
You need your own SCENE WebShare Cloud domain for uploading scan projects. If you don't have one, read the product information, and contact FARO sales via the form at the bottom of that page.
You need the Uploader role in your SCENE WebShare Cloud domain to upload SCENE WebShare Cloud projects. For more information about access control in SCENE WebShare Cloud, read Users, Groups and Roles—an Overview.
You also need SCENE or SCENE LT installed on your computer.
SCENE WebShare Cloud export
Depending on your SCENE version, this functionality is called Create SCENE WebShare Cloud data, Create Data, or Export WebShare Project.
SCENE Classic interface (all versions)

In SCENE 5.x, make sure not to use the export/upload functionality of the legacy product SCENE WebShare Server.

SCENE 6.0 - 6.2:

SCENE 7.x, 2018.x or newer:
In the dialog, adjust the Export Settings and Project Settings.
Moreover it is recommended to open the Upload Settings and select Immediately start upload. Export and upload will be executed in one batch, without requiring any user interaction. In SCENE 6.0 or newer, export and upload will even start in parallel, reducing the total time.
Read the following section how to configure the upload settings.
SCENE WebShare Cloud upload
If you had selected Immediately start upload in the previous step, directly fill in the required data.
Otherwise, use the upload button in the toolbar to open the dialog. Make sure to enter the correct domain, user name and password. (Note that in the examples below, company should be replaced by your own subdomain name.)
After the upload has finished successfully, you can view your SCENE WebShare Cloud project online. (You may need to log in if you did not select Make public.)
Upload Settings for
Upload to (from any SCENE version):
Upload Settings for
Upload to (from SCENE 6.2 or older):
Enter {}(including the curly braces) as domain.

Upload to (from SCENE 7.0 or newer):
More information
For detailed information about the possible export and upload options, open your SCENE user manual. The chapter is either called
Creating and Uploading SCENE WebShare Cloud Data, or
Export, subsection SCENE WebShare Cloud.