You can edit the name as well as other properties of a scan, measurement, annotation, or orthophoto. This may help to get meaningful names, e.g., to edit scan names like scan_022, or to clarify entries when sharing measurements (e.g., critical door width).
Select Edit from the Task Panel.
The yellow color states that at least one mandatory step is not finished. As soon as you enter valid data, the color will change to green.
1. Select Objects: Select one or more objects in the Project Content.
Now, you have two possibilities:
Click the Select Object button, then click one or more objects.
Select one or more objects by using the Rectangular Selection button. Click the button, then mark the area in which the objects are.
Use the Deselect button if you do not want to edit the selected objects. Click the button, then mark the range again.
If one of the objects insides a marked area shall not be edited, click the Select Object button, then click the object.
The marked objects are listed below the selection buttons. Click the button behind the object's name to de-select the object.
A message is shown if one of the objects is write-protected.
2. Edit Name: Enter the new name of the object. The name may contain any character you like.
3. Edit Description (optional): Enter the description of the object. Format your entries by using some simple tags. Click the link to learn about the formatting syntax. For example, starting a line with the # character will format this line as a heading 1.
4. Edit Links (optional): Furthermore you can attach one or more hyperlinks. Enter these hyperlinks and separate each hyperlink with a comma.
5. Edit Category:
Click None, if the object shall not belong to a category or enter a new category name in the New Tag field and click Set.
6. Edit Tags:
Select, if this object should be assigned to a tag or enter a new tag name in the New Tag field and click Set.
7. Click OK in the task description to save the changes.