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Processing: Delete Objects
If you do not longer need the 3D data or the uploaded CPE files of a scan project, you can delete it.
Delete 3D Data
Note: you can only delete 3D data which is completely available. If you try to delete 3D data which is still in conversion, you will receive an error message. This may easily happen with large scan projects where the conversion may last a long time. You can check the status in the 3D data column. If a spinner icon is shown for a scan project, the 3D data conversion is still running.
1. Open the Project Management page. Open the project through Workbench.
2. In the Task Panel on the right-hand side, go to Processing, and click Delete Objects.
3. In the list on the left, select one or more point clouds that must be deleted.
4. Click OK. The 3D data will be deleted, and the mark in the 3D data column of the project overview will disappear if all point clouds have been deleted.
Delete uploaded CPE files
Uploaded CPE files can also be deleted if they are not currently used as point source by a point cloud. If a CPE file is associated with a point cloud, delete the point cloud along with the CPE file.