Data Filter Panel
The Data Filter Panel is deactivated until you are logged in and have opened a project.
To add or delete categories or tags, select Edit Categories or Edit Tags in Overview Map, Scan View or Project Content.
The Data Filter Panel offers the possibility to show or hide Categories or Tags in the Overview Map, in the Scan View, and in the Project Content. This may be an advantage especially in extensive projects that get crowded when showing all contained objects or when you work on a part of the project and don't need the entire information.
The data filter controls which objects are loaded from the server and thus shared by all views. The filter only allows you to load a subset of the full project content (e.g., only the objects of a single room).
The following rules apply:
If nothing is filtered, all objects accessible to the user are loaded.
If a category is selected, only objects with that category are loaded. Others will be unloaded.
If several categories are selected, only objects of any of the given categories are loaded. Others will be unloaded.
If a tag is selected, only objects with that tag are loaded. Others will be unloaded.
If several tags are selected, only objects with at least one of the given tags are loaded. Others will be unloaded.
If both categories and tags are selected, only objects that match both filters are loaded
Additionally, there is a filter for shared objects. It filters all objects that were neither exported by SCENE nor created by the user.
Figure 22: Data Filter Panel
Category Filter
The Category Filter menu shows all categories which have been defined by you or which were shared by other users.
Figure 23: Category Filter
To filter categories:
1. Click a category name to select the category. The category name will be listed above the selection. If you click a further category name, this category is selected and listed as well.
2. Click the Apply button. You will now only see the objects which belong to the selected categories.
Tag Filter
The Tag Filter works corresponding to the Categories Filter.
Figure 24: Tag Filter
Ignore Shared Objects
Select this check box to hide all the objects which are shared by other users.
Project manager access
Project manager access enables an user with a Project Manager role to load all objects within a project without write-lock. This allows project managers to edit all content within a project without having to ask the creator for assistance.
Reset Filter settings
To reset the filter settings:
1. Click the Reset Filter icon .
2. Click the Apply button. You will now see the all objects again.
Status of the Data Filter Panel
The Data Filter Panel shows its status even when it is closed. Its button changes depending on the settings. The example below shows the Data Filter Panel button after some filter settings were changed. The color changed to orange, and small icons indicate that categories, tags, and shared objects have been filtered.
Figure 25: Filter Panel button