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Creating a project from Freestyle data or other point clouds
This workflow replaces the old workflow where virtual scans (artificial panoramic images) had to be created to get point cloud data from other sources than laser scanners into WebShare.
FARO Freestyle point clouds or point clouds from other hand-held scanning devices.
Sections of a SCENE project, e.g., a clipping box or polygon selection.
Point clouds resulting from photogrammetry or videogrammetry.
Point clouds exported from other software where no more row/column based scan data is available (e.g., PTS or some E57 files).
Generally speaking, this workflow works for all point cloud data that can be exported by SCENE. The workflow is similar to the first workflow but does not start with an uploaded WebShare Cloud project exported by SCENE. Instead an empty project is created to only add the high quality point cloud for 3D visualization.
To create a project with only point cloud data, take the following steps:
1. Create an empty project in WebShare Cloud
In WebShare Cloud log in and switch to the Administration (project manager role is required). In the Project Management click Create Project:Screenshot create project
Enter a name for your project. A unique URL identifier will be generated automatically; you can optionally change it to a different one. Also optionally, fill in the description, the project location and set a preview image. You can change everything except the URL identifier at any later time. Confirm everything with OK.
The workbench of the new project will open automatically. To prevent users from accessing empty or unfinished projects, the project is now in draft mode – symbolized by the construction worker icon:Screenshot construction worker
Only project managers can access projects in draft mode to add content, configure access control restrictions and finalize the project details. When finished the drafted changes can be published so that users can finally access the project – but only if the access control restrictions allow it.
2. Import high quality point cloud data and create 3D data for the interactive 3D view
Refer to the steps b) to e) of the first workflow Adding a high quality point cloud to an existing project to import high quality point cloud data and to enable the interactive 3D view. Continue with step 3 below afterwards.
3. Publish the project to allow regular users to access it
Only after publishing the project, users can access the project – but only if the access control restrictions allow it. If you are unsure if the project access control is configured correctly, review it before publishing the project changes.
In the workbench click Publish and then Publish Project:Screenshot publish project
Confirm that you want to publish the project and click OK
Screenshot confirm publish