Create Project
The Create Project option is available under Project Management in the Task Panel to create new projects.
You can then import point data into the project and create a SCENE WebShare Cloud point cloud that can be viewed in the 3D view. This is particularly useful for SCENE Capture projects containing unstructured point data created with devices like FARO Freestyle or camera drones.
Figure 96: Create Project
Enter Name
Enter a unique project name (mandatory) and a unique URL identifier (optional).
The URL identifier must be unique. You cannot use the URL identifier of a previously deleted project. This is necessary to improve loading times through caching project data.
If a URL identifier is not defined by the user, then a URL identifier is automatically generated.
Edit Project Description (optional)
Change the description. Format your entries by using some simple tags. Click the link to learn about the formatting syntax. For example, to bold text, write two** characters before and behind it.
...will show up like this.
Edit Project Location (optional)
Enter the geographic coordinates of the project location in the fields Latitude and Longitude. According to the settings, the project will be shown in the World Map.
Set Preview Image (optional)
Click the Choose File button to select a file on your computer to be used as project preview image. The image must be of type JPG, PNG or GIF, with a file size up to 10 MB and dimensions up to 33 megapixels. Note that the image may be scaled down and compressed, depending on its size and dimensions.
The image will be shown in the Project Overview, replacing the image chosen in SCENE in the SCENE WebShare Cloud Export or Upload dialog.