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Coordinate Picker
With the coordinate picker, you can mark an important point in the Overview Map and show its coordinates. (The Overview Map also shows the point that was picked in the Scan View, but a point picked in the Overview Map is not visible in the Scan View.)
Figure 46: Coordinate picker in the Scan View
Click the point you want to pick in the Overview Map. If a point was picked before, the new point will supersede it.
The point is marked with a thumbtack icon symbol. The thumbtack icon can be removed by clicking the reset button at the bottom of the browser.
In the status bar of the Overview Map, the position of the picked point is displayed. The Z coordinate (elevation) of points picked in the Overview Map is always 0.
Click the copy buttonin the status bar to copy the coordinates to your computer's clipboard.

Note: When a task is active, e.g., the Measurement task, you cannot pick points this way.