Annotations can be attached to points of interest and consist of a unique name, a description and a list of hyperlinks. Annotations created in the Overview Map are only visible in the Overview Map.Select the task Annotate from the Task Panel.
The yellow color states that at least one mandatory step is not finished. As soon as you enter valid data, the color will change to green.
The options provided with Annotation are as follows:
1. Select Position: Select the position in the Overview Map where the annotation should be created. The xyz coordinate of the selected point will be displayed in the task.
A message is shown if one of the objects is write-protected.
Select Area: click this button if your annotation must describe an area. Then, start picking the points for this area. After picking the third point, the check box Connect end points appears. Uncheck it if the points are not to be used for an area but for a polyline.
There is an additional check box Connect end to start that allows connecting the end point with the start point automatically if there are at least 3 picked points.
2. Select Color: Choose a color for the annotation using the following methods:
Color field with 16 predefined colors.
Advanced color picker of the browser.
Text input field for the RGB hex color code, for example, #ffffff for white, #000000 for black and #ff0000 for red.
3. Edit Name: Enter the new name of the object. The name can contain any character you like.
4. Edit Description (optional): Enter the description of the object. Format your entries by using some simple tags. Click the link to learn about the formatting syntax. For example, starting a line with the # character will format this line as a heading.
5. Add links (optional): You may add links to files stored at 3rd party providers or to any other web page.
6. Set Category: Click None, if the object shall not belong to a category or enter a new category name in the New Tag field and click Set.
7. Set Tags: Select, if this object should be assigned to a tag or enter a new tag name in the New Tag field and click Set.
Click OK in the task description to save the changes.
To delete the object, use the task Delete.