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Angles and Axes view
You reach this view mode by clicking on a measurement and selecting switch .
This view mode shows additional information about the measurement points:
Distance between the first and last measurement point.
Vertical and horizontal distance between the first and last measurement point with respect to the active coordinate system.
Angles between the measurement segments.
The figure below may help make these concepts clearer.
1. 1 cm
2. 2.25 cm
3. Vertical = 2 cm
4. Start to End = 3 cm
5. Horizontal = 2.24 cm
Along the x-axis = 1 cm
Along the y-axis = 2 cm
Figure 59: Angles and Axes Concepts
Invalid Measurements
Invalid measurements occur when a picked measurement point does not correspond to an actual scan point.
Invalid measurement points are indicated by a red dot. Invalid measurement segments are indicated by a red dashed line.
Figure 60: Invalid measurement