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Adding a high quality point cloud to an existing project
To add a high quality point cloud to an existing project, take the following steps:
1. Make sure the project is uploaded to WebShare Cloud.
2. Prepare the high quality point cloud data. This step is optional.
3. Export the point cloud data from SCENE 6.2 or later.
4. Open the WebShare Cloud project and import the exported point cloud data.
5. Create WebShare Cloud 3D data to enable the interactive 3D view.
See the steps in more details below.
1. Make sure the project is uploaded to WebShare Cloud
You can add a point cloud to any project that has been uploaded to WebShare Cloud, now or in the past. If your project is not yet uploaded to WebShare Cloud, refer to the SCENE manual to export and upload the project first. Consider the following remarks:
Make sure to create the WebShare Cloud export only after the registration is final (the scan positions won’t change anymore). Otherwise the point cloud data won’t fit into the project later.
We recommend to disable HD resolution for scan data since you don’t need the data of the single scans in higher resolution for creating 3D data anymore. In the following steps you will upload high quality unified data instead.Screenshot Resolution Recommendations
2. Prepare and export the high quality point cloud data
Use SCENE or any other point cloud editing software to optionally prepare the point cloud data. Refer to the SCENE manual if you are not familiar with point cloud operations in SCENE. The following operations are the most important ones to improve the point cloud quality:
Filtering (any of the SCENE filters or 3rd party filters in the 3D app center) Create a project point cloud with color balancing.
The color balancing will improve the visualization quality dramatically by compensating diverging light conditions of single scans.
If you create the project point cloud exclusively for WebShare Cloud, the following settings are recommended:
Screenshot project point cloud settings 
Figure 122: Recommended Filter settings
Delete points manually using clipping boxes, polygon selections or brush selections.
3. Export the point cloud data from SCENE
Note: Users of the new user interface of SCENE 7.0 or later can save time by using SCENE's Upload Project Point Cloud feature instead of steps 8. + 9. described here. For more details, please refer to the SCENE user manual.
Export the point cloud data in SCENE 6.2 or later. For this workflow we recommend to export the project point cloud. You could use clipping boxes to export sections of the project point cloud.
In the Export section click Export Project Point Cloud:
Screenshot project point cloud
The points must be exported in the CPE file format. The CPE file format is a new compressed file format for point data and has been added in SCENE 6.2 as a preview feature. See What is a CPE file? in the High Quality Point Clouds - Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the CPE file format.
To export points in the CPE file format, in the export dialog hold the Shift key and click the format selection and choose CPE Files:
Screenshot format selection
Choose a filename and a folder for the export. Additionally, the CPE file format has some options to increase compression by reducing quality. The default settings are fine for most cases.
Screenshot export name
4. Open the WebShare Cloud project and import the exported data
In WebShare log in (project manager role is required for the following steps) and go to the project workbench of the project that you want to enhance with the high quality point data. The workbench provides workflow steps similar to SCENE 6. You will use ‘Import’ to upload the point data into the project and ‘Processing’ to create the web-optimized 3D data for the high-performance 3D render engine. Optionally you can modify your project details like the description or the location in ‘Publish’.
Now switch to the ‘Import’ workflow step:
Screenshot import category 
Drag and drop the CPE files from your disk to the big blue circle to import (upload) the file into the project. The progress of the upload is indicated in the bottom.Screenshot drop zone
5. Create WebShare Cloud 3D data to enable the interactive 3D view
Switch to ‘Processing’. You should see your uploaded files on the left. Click Create 3D Data to enable the interactive 3D view. This processing step re-organizes the points for spatial access into a point cloud which allows fast interactive streaming of the huge point cloud data through the Internet.
Screenshot create 3d data
In the Select Sources step, make sure to only select your uploaded high quality point cloud data:
Screenshot select sources
Change the name in Enter Name to a reasonable name and confirm everything with OK.
The point cloud will take few minutes to few hours depending on the total point amount. As soon as the point cloud is complete you can view it in the project.