Export Scans
Note: Export Scans is a Pro feature.
 Select Scans
Select the scans that you want to export. You can select and deselect scans by clicking them. Use to click and drag to select multiple scans; use to click and drag to deselect.
 Set Resolution
Select one of the available resolutions for the export.
 Set Color Mode
Select the color mode. (See Toggle Color Mode for an explanation of the color modes.)
 Choose Export Format
Panorama Images: For each selected scan, the JPG image file will be put into a ZIP archive.
E57: A single E57 point data file will be put into a ZIP archive.
 Enter Name
Enter the file name (without file extension) for the exported file. (Special characters are not allowed.)
Click OK to start the export. When the file is ready, you will receive an email with a link to download the file. You can also check the status under Projects > Job Queue. The status of running jobs is shown with a progress bar:
Completed jobs can also be downloaded from the Job Queue page.