3D View
The Scan View can show 360° panorama images for individual scans (Scan View), and also “real” 3D scenes. The 3D View is not available for all projects, but only for projects for which the necessary 3D data has been created.
In the Administration section of SCENE WebShare Cloud, the Project Manager can create 3D data for parts of the scan project (as described in Processing: Create 3D Data) Users can then view the generated point cloud in the 3D View. It’s also possible to create the 3D data in SCENE and upload it, as described in the High-Quality Point Clouds section.
If you expected the 3D View to be available for a scan project, but it isn’t, contact the Project Manager to create the 3D data for you. Note that the 3D data creation may take several hours depending on the size of the project.
Figure 55: A scan in the Panorama View
Switch to the 3D View by clicking the 3D button which can be found in the following places:
In the top right corner of the Panorama View
In the radial menu of objects such as scans and annotations
Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the 3D View may look somewhat thinned-out at first since the scan points are loaded gradually.
Figure 56: The same scan in the 3D View, with a default sky image as background. Note that the 3D button in the top right corner is highlighted blue.